22 Dec The authors of the book are Jim Rohn and Chris Widener. It was white plantation style home that had twelve two-story pillars across the front. 4 Feb This is the Twelve Pillars Summary by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener. A great book on the keys to living an extraordinary life. Summary and. 23 Jul If you can master the twelve tips disclosed in Twelve Pillars, you can improve your business and your life. Jim Rohn and Chris Widener wrote.

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Success is based jjim human relationships and communication is the foundation for people working together. Books by Jim Rohn. Clearly demonstrate the fundamentals of Leaving a Happy and Successful Life! The ending is very emotional.

Twelve Pillars

And the gate was at least 10 feet high. Notify me of new comments via email. And we need to have health in the other areas of our life beyond just our bodies.

Not physically but mentally and who you are. Read it like a success book, not a novel. What do they have me thinking? Phil spoon-fed platitudes dished out for mass feel-good consumption. The title caught my eye because I’d heard my parents mentioning it a while back.

Just like a garden it requires constant upkeep to keep the weeds out. Sales is really just the application of having influence and that is a skill that we must all possess in life to get the things we want and desire. Paperbackpages.

Jim Rohn Twelve Pillars Summary and Footnotes

Home About Contact Brian Willett. Long rated it it was amazing. This new novel by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener will inspire you 122 take your life to the next level and beyond.


You have to give equal attention to all three to have a healthy overall well-being. The same company pays different people different wages. Twelve Pillars blends together the fundamental principles and teachings of Jim Rohn and The Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan, and with the help of Chris Widener, those principles have been weaved into a unique tapestry of a fictional account of three characters Michael, Charlie and Mr.

Shouldve found someone to read this. He learns this from the old mans wife, and this is when he learns that he the old man was the wealthy guy that owned the house and came up with the twelve pillars.

Twelve Pillars by Jim Rohn

Learning is the beginning of spirituality. The people you pillarrs with play a big part in what you get in life. Huge dividing factor among those who live a life of abundance and those who complain, what they know, how did they learn it? And when they find that common ground, they are positioned to have tremendous power together.

But, um, it’s basically someone’s self-help philosophy presented not in bullet points but in a n almost insultingly thin narrative form.

Twelve Pillars; book summary and notes | Self-Development Addict

Learn to help people with more than just their job, help them with their lives. Every year you hear of what were once millionaires and multimillionaires having to file for bankruptcy, going from hundreds of millions of dollars to nothing. Your attitude is greatly influenced by the people who you associate with.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This book can be purchased on Amazon by clicking the first link below. To get paid more then you have to become more valuable.


Talk to lots of people. The only way things are going to change for you is when you change. I would recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for some support on a rohb that they feel alone through success.

Goal setting pillaes deciding where you want to go and then designing a plan to get you there. He tells him about his struggles to find the time to spend with his family and that his relationship with his wife could be better. It is what you learn along the way so that you are constantly improving and growing.

And that is only half of it. The story wasn’t great and it was predictable, however the main points were expressed in wonderful simplicity.

Roohn those two things, and you can have influence over pretty much anyone. The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

You can lose it. Sometimes I don’t know how to express these ideas in simple terms, but this book taught me how to do just that. Jan 26, Jesse rated it it was ok. One of the simple ways to cultivate your relationships is just to spend more time with the most important people in your life.

Darren Hardden speaks highly of him in the compound effect.