View and Download Buick Rendezvous owner’s manual online. Rendezvous Automobile pdf manual download. Page of Free PDF Manual Download for Buick Rendezvous. Wed, 17 Oct GMT buick. rendezvous owners manual pdf – View and Download. Buick Rendezvous owner’s manual online.

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This will lock the crossrails in place. The compact spare can get caught on the rails. How to Check Power Steering Fluid Operation is subject to the following two conditions: See Content Theft-Deterrent on page 2- 16 for more information.

A notice will tell you about something that can damage your vehicle. Rust or dirt on a wheel, or on the parts to which it is fastened, can make wheel nuts become loose after a time.

Mirrors Manual Rearview Mirror To reduce glare from headlamps behind you, pull the lever toward you to the night position. The safety belt light will also come on and stay on for several seconds. Here a child is sitting in a seat that has a lap-shoulder belt, but the shoulder part is behind the child. On some DVD jackets, you will see the region displayed.

A light located on top of your instrument panel near the center of Owner Checks and Services Listed in this part are owner checks and services which should be performed at the intervals specified to help ensure the safety, dependability and emission control performance of your vehicle.

Buick Rendezvous Owners Manual PDF

Align the retaining clips on the back of the headlamp with the rectangular holes in the mounting panel. Replacement blades come in different types and are removed in different ways. Periodic Maintenance Inspections on page 6- These buttons have factory PTY presets.


Water can cause the solution to freeze and damage your washer fluid tank and other parts of the washer system. In a crash, this applies force to the pelvic bones.

Buick Rendezvous Owners Manuals

To scan stations, press and hold one of the SEEK arrows until the radio goes into scan mode. To open the glovebox, pull the latch release. Release it to play the passage. If you need more power for passing, and you’re: Select the coolest temperature. Radiator Pressure Cap Notice: The shoulder belt should fit against your body.

Turn the folding wrench clockwise to lift the spare tire. You will hear sound at a reduced level. Flash-to-Pass When the headlamps are off, pull the lever toward you bkick momentarily switch on the high beams to signal that you are going to pass. Table Of Contents Front Seats The exit speed is usually posted. AM can pick up noise from things like storms and power lines.

You should probably stay with your vehicle unless you know for sure that you are near help and you can hike through the snow. You can be seriously injured if you wear owbers shoulder belt under your arm.

If you try to use it as such, you may misjudge the distance and damage your vehicle.

About Driving Your Vehicle Instrument Panel Brightness This feature controls the brightness of the instrument panel lights. This mode directs half of the air to guick instrument panel outlets, then directs the remaining air to the floor outlets.

Restraint System Check Checking Your Restraint Systems Now and then, make sure the safety belt reminder light and all your belts, buckles, latch plates, retractors and anchorages are working properly. Arming with the Power Rendeezvous Switch Your alarm system will arm when you use either power door lock switch to lock the doors while any door or the liftgate is open and the key is removed from the ignition.


Retro-Active Reset The trip odometer has a feature called retro-active reset. Keep up with traffic and 200 to the right.

The Plan supplements your new vehicle warranties. Both Features Off Remote lock and unlock confirmation are disabled. Your vehicle has a tamper-resistant odometer. Checking Things Owhers the Hood An electric fan under the hood can start and injure you even when manula engine is not running. Your brakes will wear out much faster if you do a lot of heavy braking.

The mode to which the vehicle has been programmed may have been changed since it left the factory. Integrated Windshield Antenna The antenna in your vehicle is a very thin, metal layer in the windshield. If you’re using a forward-facing child restraint, you may find it helpful to buifk your knee to push down on the child restraint as you tighten the belt.

Buick 2003 Rendezvous Owner’s Manual

Manual Compass Calibration If the compass appears erratic and the calibration symbol does not appear, you must manually put the compass into the calibration mode. To secure a child restraint in this position, you’ll use only the lap part of the belt. Tune in the desired station. Climate Controls Climate Control System With this system you can control the heating, cooling and ventilation for your vehicle.