24 Gurus of dattatreya – The eleventh skandha (volume) of the Shrimadbhagvat narrates a conversation between Yadu and Avadhut. Here Avadhut names His. Abstract. Sri Dattatreya, who Lord Krishna quotes in The Uddhava Gita, has been evoked as a guru for environmental education. Sri Dattatreya gained. 24 Guru of Dattatreya. 1) PRITHVI (mother earth). 9) AJGAR (python). 17) PINGALA (a courtesan). 2) VAYU (wind). 10) SINDU (ocean). 18) KURARAPAKSHI (a.

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All the things are manifest only in between their origin and their end.

24 Guru of Dattatreya : Nature is the Great Teacher

So too, man should never loose sight of his true Self, but should ever have his being in it. The human being even after been given the ultimate wisdom and a great opportunity to take the path of salvation does not utilize it in a right way.

Just as the species of trees endures the suffering inflicted by people on them and continues to serve them till they live so also seekers desirous of Liberation should endure all suffering and continue to fo others till they die. Even though it does not have a specific shape it shows the shape of the object containing it. When on a pilgrimage, etc. During the absence of the parents, a party of people came to the house to see her on a similar object in reference to an offer of marriage.

The Twenty-Four Gurus of Dattatreya

If a sage is got caught in worldly relationshipshe can never try for salvation. It dwells in the holes dug out by others.

The sage should wander from door to door to beg just enough food for his living without dttatreya the householders who provide them. So to stop that noise she removed some bangles and found that the noise was still there.


The wasp carries its caterpillar to a safe corner and closes it up in its nest and goes on buzzing about it. Here comes Srimad Bhagavatham to help us to a great extent amidst many other things, with dattatreyaa story of 24 Gurus from the open nature, whom we can keenly observe and learn from them many helpful hints to solve many of our problems.

This is the lesson I have learnt from the elephant. He need not show everyone his knowledge and prove his greatness. This is the ddattatreya I learnt from the sun.

Even after the sage gathered enough knowledge and is distributing the same to his fellow beings when Lord Yama gatherer comes, the sage should be ready to forego everything and be ready to leave this world. The one-pointed concentration of an archer reminded Dattatreya of the importance of sattwa guna and the unruffled ekagrata of a seeker. Fire His fifth guru was fire, which destroys all that is gross. Navachaitanya Publishers,Shanivar Peth, Pune I have noticed that sometimes the sky or space gets thickly overcast, or filled with dust or smoke.

Nimble and swift of foot, it was on guard and alert.

Sanātana Dharma: Lord Dattatreya and His 24 Gurus

Having taught this truth, the moon became my sixteenth guru. Air Vaayu The Air being pure and odorless in its characteristics, move freely among all objects and yet remain unaffected. It is said that deers are very fond of music and that poachers employ it to lure them before hunting them. The sun does not choose the flower. I have learnt the virtue of cheerfulness from the child.

Sun From dattatreua sun, that takes water from the ocean by evaporating it and returning it as life-giving rain water, Dattatreya realised that through the sense-organs one can take in the essence of the objects of perception without being obsessed with the external form of the object.


As a man thinks, so he becomes. The spider weaves its web with saliva from itself, and when it is done with it, takes it back into itself.

The Twenty-Four Gurus of Dattatreya

Dattatreya learned that when one has a great passion for the highest truth, one should not be deluded by the distractions of sensual desire. The higher yearning is smothered by preconceived notions, rigidity of mind and intellectual clutter.

The couple loves datyatreya other too much, also take care of their infant babies. The Snake teaches to avoid any distraction caused by unwanted things. Thus the pigeon was my sixth guru.

Shortly after, the male pigeon turned up and, unable to bear the separation from its sweetheart, it too jumped in the snare and met its end. A child lives from moment to moment. Honey-gatherer The fourteenth guru was a honey-gatherer.

Like the sea, he is unconquerable and cannot be troubled by anything. To be able to perceive unity of the soul principle in all animate and inanimate creation, I imbibed the qualities from these objects as my Gurus. His father subsequently disinherited him.

Deer Hiran The deer is very fond of music and is very much attracted by it. My fourth teacher is the element of fire. The Fire The element of Fire is present in all beings which possess latent heat.