700 HN100 PDF

Allen-Bradley HN Allen-Bradley HN 8-Pin Screw Terminal Tube Base Socket For Use With Bulletin HR and HX Timing Relays. MPN: HN ✓. Screw Terminal Tube Base Sockets ± Panel or DIN Rail Mounting . Open Style construction. 8 pin for use with DPDT BuIIetin HA reIays, HT. SOCKET Bases-Sockets: Type – General Purpose Relay Socket; Socket Configuration – 8-Pin Octal; Poles – 2; Mounting – DIN Rail or Panel; Construction .

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This reduces clicking noises when the load is switched and minimizes the influence of an inductive load, e. After the time delay begins, opening or closing the signal will not reset the time delay. Select a varistor which meets the load voltage condition outlined in the table below.

The right two DIP switch pins are used to select the operating modes. The gate signal provides a pause or retentive timing function.

If prescaling is used and 5 kHz is set, the maximum counting speed will be reduced to about half. Details such as color, installed options or condition are described below. Start, reset, gate Minimum input signal width: We reserve the right to refuse bids from any buyer. In that case we will send you a bill for any add’l shipping cost.


Most products we sell have a serial number or some other way for us to tell it came from us. Input 14 — Make, Break and Continuous 2 Inductive — All contacts return to the shelf state when input power is removed. Power Basic Operation t2 t1 Output N. Contacts remain in energized state.

This cycle repeats itself until input power is removed or reset signal is applied. The coil has no polarity.

Allen Bradley 700-Hn100 Ser. C New Relay Base 700Hn100

ON-time unit display ON-time unit selector select one from sec, 10 s, min. Energizing Time [ms] Inrush current resistivity is the ability of an SSR to withstand a large surge current for a short period of time.

Surge capacity of the supply voltage according to IEC Rockwell Otomasyon Ticaret A. No external voltage should be connected to contact signal. By Bidding or using buy it now you are agreeing with these Terms and Conditions. The top two DIP switch pins are used to select the time ranges. Bulletin P Relays with standard, master contact, or heavy-duty contact cartridge Exceeding the non-repetitive inrush current will damage the SSR.


HN Ser D – Button & Relay

Reproduction of the contents of this bn100, in whole or in part, without written permission of Rockwell Automation, Inc. The input module Bul. If B1 is pulsed, a one full time cycle consisting of 70 and t2 is completed. Additional start signals during timing don’t reset timing or contacts. Displays the rightmost four digits of the count value when the HXM is used as a totalizing counter Zero suppressed. The reset signal will override both the start signal and gate signal.

If the totalizing count exceedsthe count returns to 0.

Mode Key 5 9. All amounts are in Hn1000. SSR input impedance varies with a change in input control voltage. Less than the output time t: