“Anne Cherian appears to be channeling Jane Austen in her wonderful novel A Good Indian Wife. Set in contemporary America and India, the book celebrates. 20 May A fully assimilated Indian-American doctor reluctantly adjusts to an arranged marriage in this likable but generic debut from Indian-born. 13 Jan I’ve had a rather difficult time coming up with a rating for A Good Indian Wife by Anne Cherian. On one hand, once I got into the story, I couldn’t.

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Bring up the argument that Indian women aren’t comfortable discussing their marriage and I’ll point out that Oona isn’t Indian. Books by Anne Cherian.

A Good Indian Wife: by Anne Cherian: Story Circle Book Reviews

Her situation demands sympathy, and her reactions and behavior are credible. Finally, this is a story about the existential struggle of many young people in India: A Novel Anne Cherian Limited preview – His new wife is past her prime for arranged marriages, is naive about anything to do with any aspect of a relationship, and her family has little extra money.

Dear readers, Neel is NOT a sympathetic or likeable character! Well, if the author had managed time a bit more precisely and presented the s India as a world on the edge of big change as we now in hindsight know it wasthe reader could have felt more keenly both the ambivalence of Neel’s wanting to escape traditional India and Leila’s willingness to straddle both cultures.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. When they arrive home he leaves his new bride in his apartment alone while he goes to see Caroline with the full intention of continuing a sexual relationship with her.


A Good Indian Wife

I enjoyed this book. On the other hand, character development was inconsistent, the portrayal of white women in the United States was disgustingly unfair, the portrayal of Indian men in the United States was, at times, stereotypical, and the ending was reminiscent of the sad trombone that plays when someone loses on a game show — wah, wah, wahhhhhh.

Feb 14, Rachel rated it really liked it. Dear readers, Neel is NOT a sympathetic chrian likable character! I wanted to know if things got better! It’s a part and parcel of our country, tucked away alongside the dosa, the colorful chutneys and the coconut.

That it will always cause a gulf between Sanjay and her. It is also about the evolution of life for Indian emigrants in the United States, and the importance of honor in Indian families.

I really wish the author had anchored the book firmly in time, but as it was it was mostly pre, but with some ambivalence as to whether the story was taking place in or or kndian Aug 24, Darshan Elena rated it it was ok. Since Neel has a jellyfish spine about all of this he obviously ends up getting married cherkan Leila and is just awful about it. Though within the setting of Leila on the other hand, Leila I could really get behind.

Wait, let me start from the beginning. Make of that what you will, dear readers. A Good Indian Wife: But even after he moves her back to San Francisco with him, Neel is convinced that nothing about his old life will change, not even his situation with his girlfriend, Caroline. This is a story revolving around the immigrant experience, yet becomes the universal story of those who have crossed boundaries and no longer fit entirely in one place. The author takes us to India, where you can practically feel the heat and humidity on the characters’ skin, then to Q Francisco where the clime matches the main characters’ demeanor for most of the book – you don’t wige warm up to them, even when they’re in the spotlight.


In some ways he seems like a jerk, but his reasoning makes enough sense that I get why he does what he does. Is it synonymous with being modern or un-traditional? Jan 31, Heather rated it it was ok.

The author moves the spotlight frequently, shifting POV between characters even within the good paragraph. He was born in India but has lived in the United States long enough to feel and be completely Americanized.

This was good although I don’t know why my library has this as a Young Adult read.

While we knew that that Neel and Leila hailed from a town in South India, that they were Iyengars, and went on their honeymoon in Ooty, I wish for the author had told us what town even if made up and what state in India they were from. From a literary novel perspective, the character of Neel is almost there and needed a bit more fleshing out.