I first got into Achewood around I tracked down a copy of the Achewood Cookbook a couple years back. I JUST NOW got around to trying one of the. The Achewood Cookbook. Work your way up the culinary ladder with these actual kitchen-tested recipes by Philippe, Ray, Roast Beef, Téodor and others. I’ve got the first cookbook. Second one was pre-ordered for when I emailed about it. I love Achewood, but that’s a pretty big strike in my book.

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Or maybe you’ve got an extra copy lying around. The cookbook would be among these. Tiny cans of Dr Pepper: All I request is that you email me a PDF or equivalent of the cookbook. Thanks for helping inspire me to get it done. Or maybe you know of some dark Internet coolbook where they can be found.

Trying to get in writing mode. Seems odd to me that the man would eliminate the only source of Achewood-related funding he had left aside from the tip jareven if he was putting the comic on “indefinite hiatus. On the other hand, why not ask?

But IIRC, there was supposed to be another that never materialized. Never feel that you’re out of the loop, because the loop is you.

Achewood § Shop

I would say he would not do that. Anyone got a cookbook?

I’d just send you a PDF of the book but there just isn’t one. Submit a new link. Just had this email exchange with Chris today: I would love to read the 2nd Cookbook, though, but I think a reprint just isn’t cooibook to happen in the foreseeable future. I’ve got achewooe stuff to trade, and if you want, then we could trade back once I’ve read it. My experience is that he used to answer his email and now he doesn’t, even coikbook it’s a much less hard question than that.


Recently, I have been dying to try some of Achewood’s recipes as Nice Pete’s fried chicken is one of my favorite recipes. I’ve got the first cookbook.

As I said before, I’ve kicked into the tip jar several times, and all I want is to buy a copy of the damn cookbook!


Anybody got an Achewood Cookbook guy? I have donated to the tip jar in the past and will do so again in whatever amount you desire, or I can send the money to you more directly. But you know what, why don’t you try, and if it doesn’t work, let me know. Maybe we could work out a “loan. If anybody is willing to sell it, I’ll be all over it, but at this point I would basically cream myself if someone made a PDF of it available.

Sorry for the delay, acheowod is starting up again and I have less and less time for such diversions as cookbook-hunting.

Want to add to the discussion? Thanks for the years of laughs, Spencer Re: Nice Pete’s stories and I think some of Beef’s ‘zines. I think CortJstr ordered one a while back and hasn’t received his, either. Every one of them has had the design wash off immediately upon use.

I ordered a printed out cartoon and after 5 months of never receiving it, finally acewood my money back.

It’s my hope to have this going in a couple weeks. What is this, the fuckin’ Algonquin Round Table or some shit? I sincerely hope you consider my request, as I am eager to try some of your recipes.


Did you get the ‘zines from Nice Pete and Roast Beef? I have been sent three different Dude and Catastrophe pint glasses.

I’d been waiting for a couple of years for the Achewood Cookbook to be back in stock on the shop I am in the process of putting together an “honor system”-type store, which would have a lot of our digitally-transferable content available for free download and a suggested tip amount.

The absurdity is veiled by the poetic charm with which the poet invests it. Like, stands under streetlamps and doles them out from a dark trenchcoat? Oh, wait — did you mean the first cookbook or the second one?

Anyone got a cookbook? : achewood

Ray gets sort of stoned “This isn’t carrot juice, it’s king piss! Please login or register. Seems an odd business model that I am unable to do so. Submit a new text post. Because I have a copy of the first one, that one definitely released. I am more than happy to pay good money for one, but as I said cannot find it.

Maybe Nice Pete’s a was a story pamphlet. And also after subscribing to the “feed” with absolutely ckokbook updates I gave up. Home Help Login Register.

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