20 May Reading the ACIM Urtext There is considerable debate in the ACIM community about which version of the text and workbook students. 13 Jan The Urtext Manuscripts predate all other editions of the . a “definitive edition” of A Course in Miracles with a dedication to accuracy being a. Later in that same year, an even earlier version, called the Urtext, also became available on the Internet. Both versions showed that the Course as we knew it.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you so much for your attention here — your long and thoughtful and erudite comments are a real blessing on this blog an I am thankful for that. There were several subsequent edits in the years that followed. Everything I have seen, heard from them, and carefully researched about them, as well as Helen and Bill, has not only told me they are not liars, but on the contrary; they are among the most honest people I urtexy of.

And as the water runs, it takes a while for all aclm these impurities to wash out and the water to run clean again. What Helen originally heard and wrote down in her notebooks, and what was largely recorded in the urtext, contained a lot of personal material. It is not that, simply because it doesn’t contain the most important elements of the Course, including its vital time saving characteristic.

Thank you for reading. Your sense of tone — one being warmer than another — is absolutely right. I wish you all a wonderful summer full of happy dreams, and I’ll continue to communicate with you about many things in the future. There is some disagreement and confusion about what the ur-text actually is.

So there is a lot of Cayce material in the early pages, as well as the Cayce style. We simply would not have the Course without them, and I think love, not disdain, is the yrtext way in which most students of the Course think and feel about them.


But if you are close to that material, then you are less likely to challenge the need to edit it — which is a separate question from the quality of the actual editing. The Library of Congress is under the Department of Justice, which has other things on its mind besides someone taking a manuscript that is of no importance to anyone outside of a very small group.

Organizations sprung up with their own thoughts and ideas about the text. He thought it looked better. So what we now have in the published version has all the personal material taken out. The early chapters of the first edition are sort of.

Yet, this is not accurate. I understand the idea of sexuality being body-focused and I can see how people evolve out of desiring sex.

So what we had at that point we all felt was exactly the way Jesus wanted it — that the material that did not belong was not left in. And Jesus was very clear to them that anything aclm a specific or personal nature did not belong in these “notes,” which was his term for what he was giving Helen. If you want to support that then be my guest. Some of the material that is now in Chapter 1, in the sections after the first fifty principles, was originally part of the miracle principles themselves — part of the discussion.

But it does not read well because of these factors.

Gently and respectfully, I stand urtextt belief that the differences pale before the similarities. Even in our sleep there is cause for hope, and a means by which to move from sleep to wakefulness. Ponticello spoke last, no one had a chance to answer him. For a number of reasons, none of this material belonged in the published version. Reproduced here with permission. A question has come up. That is what I mean when I say people should just go uftext what works and with how they feel guided.

ACIM Urtext

I am copying another member of the group into this email. The people who were now in possession of the illegally obtained material—the notebooks, Urtext and Hugh Lynn Version—had it scanned or retyped, and have made it available on the Internet and elsewhere for purchase. The Introduction as we now urtex it was not part of the original dictation. Anyway, I just thought you and your readers might find that interesting.


ACIM Urtext – Sean Reagan

Maybe you can shine some light our way, David. It is private one of the reasons that Ken Wapnick encourages students not to read it and was not according to Wapnick and other early ACIM practitioners intended for publication in that state. I mean, aren’t all preferences in this area different forms of urtexf same mistake? So there is still a kind uetext a treasure field here for us to mine, but Helen would just like me to apologize to everyone if the writing is not up to what is found later.

In the meantime, we’ll be doing at least a couple of Retreats next year, along with our urrtext other appearances, which I’ll let you know more about in the fall. Not far afield from what was helpful to Helen, but certainly far urteext from the teaching. Like eating, sex is one use of the body that few of us want to compromise or surrender. I hope you will join me in continuing the collective undoing of the ego, and I wish you God’s speed on your journey, a “journey without distance to a goal that has never changed.

And, again, the discussion could sometimes go a little far afield. Tony uses and champions aicm earlier version of the Course. Your email address will not be published. As a result, when you go now to amazon. The ideas you mention from the Urtext are stepping stone ideas, and you are completely on track when you say: