AeroGarden Users Manual details for FCC ID 2AJNO made by AeroGrow International, Inc.. Document Includes User Manual Users Manual. PRO – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 16 . *Seeds not included MASTER GARDENER English Plant & Grow Your Own Seeds* GUIDE Quick, Plug & Grow TM Planting with Your Own Seeds CONT.

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Fruiting Plants with Upright Main Stem First prune such as dwarf tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant Early pruning of this plant helps strengthen the main stem and encourages plant to branch out. Follow branch to where it meets another branch — make cut just before this junction.

AeroGarden 7-Pod User’s Manual |

AerogardenSpace saver 6 blkSpace saver 6 slrSpace saver 6 whtSpace saver 6 bss. CAUTION — You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your author- ity to operate this equipment.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. For plants not listed below, you may need to do some additional pollination research — the internet and seed suppliers are good sources of information.

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AeroGarden 7-Pod Manuals

Within a few weeks you should start to see roots extend from the Grow Sponges. Burns can occur from touching hot metal parts, hot water or steam. Typically, 6 seeds per Grow Pod works well.


A number of vegetables and shrubs root very easily, but stem cuttings from tree species can be difficult to root. This manual also for: The amount of nutrients in your Garden increases with tablet size. Despite all your planning, you may find a plant in your garden that is growing faster than the others. Installation instructions are included with Trellis System. Use it as a starting point for selecting a nutrient regime.

Add to my manuals Add. While the AeroGarden provides the ideal environment for growing plants, there are many decisions you need to make that will impact the outcome of your garden. For larger seeds and fruiting plants, sow only a few extra seeds.

These limits are de- signed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Each tablet also contains ingredients that will keep the water in your AeroGarden at a pH level that is ideal for aeroponically grown plants. Try rearranging plants by rotating the Grow Pod so the spreading part of plant is near the outer edge of the AeroGarden. Use garden shears or scissors to prune.

If possible, cut flower stem too. Use only lamp model N. You may be able to prune some plants in your Garden to achieve this.

Also verify that your seeds, whether in the seed packet or in a Grow Pod, were stored properly. Also, remember to remove stems that shade other plants aerofarden your garden.


For example, mixing plants with fairly low requirements such as lettuces with plants that have much higher requirements such as basil is not recommended. Plant a garden with plants N utrients that have similar growth rates and heights, like Salad Greens shown. If a plant is curled inside Dome, it was left on too long. Push Lamp Arm down until Aerogareen have an account?

A sturdy, water- tolerant surface Metal surfaces may cause noise due to vibration Near: Use these plants as a guide to determine if the growing environment is too moist or too dry.

Also avoid materials that stretch, such as stretch ties sold in gardening shops, as these are not strong enough to support fruit-filled branches. This manual also for: Basil will be manuao the end of its growth cycle just as dwarf tomatoes are starting to ripen! Very hot or very cold water will hurt your plants.

Plant Spacer Kits include 6 spacers and can be purchased at www. Mist cuttings with water once or twice daily to maintain humidity levels. Once roots extend from Grow Sponges, start adding nutrients see pages for feeding recommendations. See page 8 for xerogarden details on how many seeds to plant in each Grow Pod.