Christopher Koy – Junot Díaz’s Stories as Minor Literature Junot Díaz’s “Aurora” and “Aguantando” as Minor Literature Christopher E. Koy University of South. In Junot Díaz’s “Aguantando,” the reader watches the main character, Yunior, suffer through poverty in the Dominican Republic while pining silently for his. Drown by Junot Díaz – Chapter 4 “Aguantando” summary and analysis.

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Junot Diaz tells a story that is too common in Latin American countries and all over the world. Many sentences commingle the two languages: I made up this whole new life in there. On the other hand, Papi might be avoiding the children because he is embarrassed that he can not live up to his financial role.

Compelled to wear a mask of machismo toughness on the streets and promiscuity with womenLucero succeeds as a dealer and receives the respect of his community.

She would make comments about how Yunior aguwntando not be enjoying the food and other amenities that her house has to offer junit he lives once again almost implying aguantanndo he should be grateful for letting him stay there.

Everybody, especially mothers, need a break every now and again. Lucero even refers to the violent memories with some nostalgia.

Group B Post- Aguantando

Click here to sign up. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. By analyzing this event it is important to note the trauma she had to endure. Since our zinc roof leaked almost everything we owned was water stained: I agree with your analysis that it must be difficult to adjust to life in the United States after the immigration from the Dominican Republic when you live in a shabby and run down area.


Junot Díaz, “Aguantando”

Her personality is also very lovable, we know this because of the swarms of men who try to talk to her after work every day. I would agree with you in saying that the setting connects to the theme of survival in the aguantanvo. He also knows that Aurora hardly fits the image of a family matriarch in a traditional Hispanic sense. This code switching aguantxndo no less a matter of drug terminology and street slang English than it is standard and slang Spanish.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Still, he somehow remains sensitive to the experience and personality of Aurora who also dons a mask of her own. The mom tend to improvise to make sure her kids had at least one pencil and notebook to use bh school.

“Drown” / “Aguantando” by Junot Díaz by New York Public Library | Free Listening on SoundCloud

He could see his father saying his name and becoming aware of his presence now. Diaz places this story during the US invasion ofwhich illustrates the hardships the Spanish family from Dominican Republic is actually going through. One very sad part of the novel was when he called and said that he would come home, back with his family.

Among many themes he talks about the theme of parenthood specifically about his mother who becomes a single mom in the absence of his father who came to the United States when Junot was only four years old, leaving her raising her two sons. Log In Sign Up. This construction is then internalized by the reader, replicating the confusing discourse experienced by immigrants. The Souls of Black Folk. His drug-dealing partner Cut warns him hy Aurora: This site uses cookies.

In spite of years without a husband, Vertudes de la Casas loyally waits.

Create the opposite dream: It was only because of that plastic bag that any pictures of my father survived. You are commenting using your Twitter account. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The space in the novel is used to organize the short story within the novel. The language helps establish realism too with the family being in New Jersey and still speaking Spanish. I find it interesting that she never allows these men to walk into the house.


It includes cultural references in the New Jersey neighborhood vernacular of crack dealers and Spanish idioms.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A fundamental means of survival among numerous rivals, the mask of toughness pervades many characters in the short story collection. Lucero alone reveals himself as a man of occasional sensitivity as it regards his junkie girlfriend. He shows you how the mother felt it was her duty to provide a better life for her family and that could mean working at the chocolate factory to staying with her husband who is having an affair aguantanndo it means dia better life for her and her children.

As Marjorie Garber explains, the object of desire remains potent only if veiled and therefore inaccessible Garber Her needing aguantadno break is a strength in being able to recognize when you need to take a step back to analyze your situation. One may argue that maybe she was just playing with them, giving them any number so they could leave her alone. He is laughed at when he tries to reveal to his drug-dealing jynot Cut his deep feelings for Aurora: