“Sinnett, Alfred Percy,” in The New International Encyclopædia, New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. (). Some or all works by this author are in. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine. Alfred Percy Sinnett (18 January in London – 26 June ) was an English author and theosophist. This theory recognizes the evolution of the soul as a.

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It is many times incarnated in successive races of men before it passes onward, and it even has many incarnations in each great race. Just as in a preceding note we assumed the unity of such a life impulse in the case of a perverted human Ego falling away as a whole from the current of evolution on which it was launched, so we may assume the same unity backwards to the earliest beginnings of the planetary chain.

He was Vice-President of the Theosophical Society between —88, —, —, and Acting President of the TS for four months insoon after the death of Col.

About Alfred Percy Sinnett. A certain advantage is gained by thus showing how the separate pieces of the mosaic as first presented to public notice, drop naturally into their places in the comparatively finished pavement.

We must imbibe all these various conceptions and weld them together, or extract their essence, to learn the doctrine of the sixth principle.

Esoteric Buddhism

We must stop somewhere, and for the present it will be best to take the life impulses behind globe A for granted. That which I am about to put before the readeris esoteric Buddhism, and for European students approaching it for the first time, any other designation would be a misnomer. But put those who, as the common phrase goes, cannot swim, into deep water, and they will struggle and be drowned.

Tink rated it it was amazing Aug 21, It enables the student to search Nature for himself, and verify its teachings, in those regions which Western philosophy can only invade by speculation and argument.

Sinnetttwo volumes edited by A. Oercy history catches but a few stray, hazy glimpses of Egypt some 12, years back, when, having already reached the apex of its cycle thousands of years before, the latter had begun to go down. The specific forms of the mineral kingdom, the crystals and differentiated rocks are but bubbles in the seething mass assuming partially individualized forms for a time, and rushing again into the general substance of the growing cosmos, not yet true individualities.

The teachings embodied in the present volume let in a flood of light on questions connected with Buddhist doctrine which percu deeply perplexed previous writers on the religion, and offer the world for the first time a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism.


The correspondence began in and continued until The narrow purview of ordinary religious conceptions deals merely with one spiritual life and its consequences in the life to come.

Esoteric Buddhism by Alfred Percy Sinnett

But with these abnormal processes it is unnecessary to occupy ourselves to any great extent. In the popular estimation he is a saint waiting for a spiritual reward of the kind the populace can understand — a wonder-worker meanwhile by favour of supernatural agencies. Ashok Kumar rated it did not like it Nov 25, And it is because the conditions of that existence are defined by the use that has been made of the opportunities in the next, preceding physical existence, that the spiritual earth is often spoken of in occult writing as the world of effects.

I told you before that the highest people now on earth spiritually belong to the first sub-race of the fifth root race, and those are the Aryan Asiatics the highest race physical intellectuality is the last sub-race of the fifth — yourselves, the white conquerors.

Eventually we may find that, with the help of a little borrowing from familiar Greek quarries, English may prove more receptive of the new doctrine — or rather, of the primeval doctrine as newly disclosed — than has been supposed in the East. Seven great continental cataclysms occur during the occupation of the earth by the human life-wave for one round-period.

I am by no means convinced that in all cases I have coined the best possible phrases and hit on the most neatly expressive words.

Author:Alfred Percy Sinnett

Sinnett returned to the Theosophical Society in at the request of his Master to whom he was devoted, and the President, Annie Besant, invited him to become Alfrred he accepted and disbanded the Eleusinian Society, reforming the London Lodge which was attached directly to Adyar. An individual unit, arriving on a planet for the first time in the course of a round, has to work through seven races on that planet before he passes on to the next, and each of those races occupies the earth for a long time.

Intricacies concerning the nature of the adept may be noticed here, which will hardly be lafred intelligible without reference to some later chapters of this book, but which have so important a bearing alcred all attempts to understand what adeptship is really like that it may be convenient to deal with them at once. The Golden Book of the Theosophical Society: According to this view of the matter of one life is that which perfects, by inhabiting the various vehicles.

He became interested in the philosophy being expounded by Col. They returned to India the same year alfree on May 16,a son, called Denny, was born.


But it is impossible to imagine any human act more improbable than the unauthorized revelation by any such chela, to persons in the outer world, that he is one, and so the great esoteric school of philosophy alrred guards its seclusion. Leadbeater paid a tribute to Sinnett as follows:. But no substantial errors have to be confessed or deplored. Nelin occasione di un altro incontro tra i coniugi Sinnett e la Blavatsky, stavolta avvenuto a Shimlanella loro casa estiva, Alfred Percy ebbe modo di studiare da vicino i fenomeni occulti di akfred con cui la teosofa comunicava con un gruppo di Maestri dalle particolari doti spirituali, denominati Mahatmachiedendole di poter instaurare lui stesso sinneyt corrispondenza per suo tramite con costoro.

How came horses and sheep to be found in company with the huge antediluvians?

Alfred Percy Sinnett – Esoteric Buddhism – Hermetik International

Though humanity is animal in its psrcy as compared with spirit, it is elevated above the correctly defined animal creation in every other aspect. The irrationality amounts to absurdity when it is alleged that the acts of the sixty or seventy years — the blundering, helpless acts of ignorant human life — are permitted by the perfect justice of an all-wise Providence to define the conditions of that later life of infinite duration.

It would have been premature to begin with them, but as soon as the idea of a system of worlds in a chain, and of life evolution on each through a series of rebirths, is satisfactorily grasped, the further examination of the laws at work will be greatly facilitated by simnett reference to the actual number of worlds and the actual number of rounds and races required to accomplish the whole purpose of the system.


For the spiritual monad or entity, which has worked its way all round the cycle of evolution, at any one of the many stages of development into which the various existences around us may be grouped, begins its next cycle at the next higher stage, and is thus still accomplishing progress as it passes from world Z back again to world A.

When seen at all, and this can but rarely occur, it can only be seen near where the physical body still lies. No confusion need arise; but, strictly speaking, the linga sharira, or third principle, is the astral body, and that cannot be sent about as the vehicle of the higher principles.

A striking illustration of the uniformities of Nature is brought out by the first glance at the occult doctrine in reference to the development of man on the earth.