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His mother launched a search party for him, headed by Jean-Luc from the nearest village, Ferpeckle. The evidence shows they are near the Sun: Erling Strand in who studied the Hessdalen lights.

Primitive life is a time machine. A bosmn of exotic materials have been influxing the whole solar system. He talked to Dr Dan Burisch in Switzerland via an intermediary about those topics, these particles that are transforming our biology. He had to translate to them the fear she expressed, based upon her reptile brain. These civilisations, the Galactic Council and the Andromeda Council from the far future are a myriad of civilisations.

Ananda Bosman | O.Z.O.R.A. Festival

A galactic mind, or galactic internet, that synchronised, or hyper-indexedyears of galactic time since the other side of the galaxy isyears at the speed of light, in distance, and yet the new ultra high order gamma rays there, were in pulsed synchrony with those that were near to our solar system — forming a consistent grid of 24 tetrahedrons in phase-conjugation [holographic]. Jupiter receives brighter new auroras, same with Saturn and Uranus, new cosmic events, etc.

It would require a 4 hour radio interview without translation to detail. He has not talked much about this.

He was terrified, his hair stood up all over his body. He mentioned to us the proto-Vedic super culture of the Sarasvati Valley in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Rajastan that talked abouthumanoid races. He described the E.

This scientist has discovered Macroscopic Irreversibility and a new form of chemical species, magnecules. Consciousness focuses on the DNA sample, they get coherent results. It requires time travel to model those conch shells, like the mollusk shells. We started with a Powerpoint presentation in French for the evening event:.


These are dynamically hyperlinked to the human species. About Laura Eisenhower — he did his research over a xnanda before she came out in public — and her great grandfather, he answered that there is a whole other factor, the Nelson Rockefeller factor, which Eisenhower came to regret later on.

This compositional sound carpet composed of the tones of a full octave starting at C Hz keyboard tuned at hzaccording to Ananda’s instructions, was to mimic a harmonic ansnda carpet utilised by the Tibetan Buddhist monks to achieve weight change of objects as observed by Swedish scientist, Dr.

Listen to Hold the Manu (432 Hz) now.

According to him, the work of Zecharia Sitchin is a psychological warfare operation or PsyOps [he has a massive amount of data on this to present, over hundreds of slides]. It is based upon dead DNA models [dead through the electron microscope], it describes non animate systems like metals and crystals, and bosmqn describe animate genetics, which has more than two potentials like the DNA base pair.

Likewise, but to a lesser extent, our inner solar system as well. The interview and article with Dr. Under the microscope the geometry of these new quazi particles that emerged, cannot be reduced to 3D geometry, two different microscope cameras showed two different Platonic geometries at the same time. He showed us Ceres and the asteroid belt. Hydrogen has an 8 Hz resonance. Hyper-evolution says that humanity is the sum of our future and our past, in any and every moment.

Unconscious and subconscious and conscious psyche in union [], with various degrees of recall of being onboard the motherships.

He observed and measured almost every time a pre signature from 7. The way that the conch shells unfold is according to knowing the future, as well as the past, it requires these 6 arrows of time to be in a living animate, not quantum dead space. Where they too their name anus which means the divine atom in Sanskritand turned it instead into their god ANU.


These tunnel systems are now being recognized many years after he wrote about his experiences. NASA confirms today that the solar system is migrating at 43, miles per hour towards the Hercules system at this specific speed. The plasma-toroidal density of our outer solar system has drastically changed from to Animated slideshow with many parts of practicals.

He mentioned our unique relationship with Sirius, the brighest star out there, its day helical rising with our sun is a consistent phenomenon for thousands of years, like our planet goes around the sun in days, communicating and synchronizing musically and harmonically to our Sun. Since these findings have been accepted and are empirical in the biological science, the logistics for evolutionary theory changes [Enclosed is one paper from Dr.

Hyper-evolution means that humanity is a summation of the future and the past, dynamically in the present.

He talked about the protocols that work for E. The empirical evidence in the biological sciences made by Dr Chris Ananca, and the new filed of hypergenetics, demonstrates that bosmaan, and life in general, is not a linear evolutionary product, but is hyper-evolutionary, with hyper-time: Now there are films, photos, footage of those larger than planet Earth Sun Stations that he got access to by Impinging our sun, changing it, and the resulting Coronal Mass Ejection CME hitting earth, impinging the Magnetometer readings Tromsoso that the magnetic field of Earth, also showed ordering in the same golden mean proportion, when it was exposed to this solar flare transduction by our sun of the golden mean proportion gamma ray lasers.

He has many dozens of testimonials on film of landings and sightings, humanoids etc. The gamma rays and cosmic rays of the new ultra high order range transmuting and retuning the cosmos into the New Universe program, and our Earth.