Visser One is the highest rank in the Yeerk military hierarchy. The Yeerk holding this position is answerable only to the Council of Thirteen. There have been two. Visser has ratings and 65 reviews. Ben said: These “Chronicles” special volumes are always a delight. Visser is the story of Visser One, aka Edriss. Visser (Animorphs) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On trial for treason, Edriss explains how she infested a series of.

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Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Davide June 5, at 6: Yeerks, of course, hoped to find a Class Five species.

I’ve been wanting to read this for a long time. This is deep stuff for a supposed ‘childrens’ book. Garoff ends the live memory dump, and demands Edriss continue the story.

Anonymous August 2, at 2: My time of lying low was over And, too, if she DID have another host, Marco would have quit the Animorphs after book 5, and they’d be rid of the guy who endangers the secret of their humanity the most often, because he is so desperate to boost his ego that he can never resist making human-reference wisecracks to random Yeerks. Through the novel’s use of motherhood, it is designed to vusser us Perhaps I am missing something with this one, as Visser is one of the most highly regarded of the Animorphs books, but the story just seemed to be lacking something.

But I also saw visesr improved as a result of uncertainty. I was not disappointed, either. I think about this way too much.

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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. I love frame narratives like this, with interjections from the present day, unreliable narration, behind-the-scenes politicking and the shadowy Council of Thirteen sitting in judgment, Eva offering her insights, and Visser Three fuming the whole way.

I knew it had something to do with the trial of visser one and visser three’s attempts to replace her, but I had assumed it would be told from visser three’s perspective given the cover art, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it was the story of visser one and includes her original discovery of earth and her rise to the rank of visser one, as well as her trial where visser three is attempting to depose her, all from visser one’s perspective.


Anyway, this is the only Chronicles book I never got to read! Retrieved from ” https: Then we read on into the last chapter: All but the lone Andalite? But not really Alloran anymore. The Council calls a break in the trial. Is putting the antagonist of the book on the cover really such a bad thing?

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I wasn’t a huge fan of the method used to “humanize” Visser One, but I understood it. Wait, where did it say that Essam and Edriss gave control to their hosts? Visser was the only book I was never able to find, and now that I’ve read it, I feel like I have some closure on my childhood. Well, the next five, actually except maybe This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Lists with This Book. Still do on my reread. Her struggles give humanity to the enemy, and though her transformation is not complete, her story, and that of Essam, are indicative of Applegate’s foray into a fleshed-out story. And, towards the end of the story, she reflects on how it may be ok if her kids end up Controlled anyways; that way at least they will be forced to love her. Allison goads her into love with Hildy and Essam, and combined with her lust for love. On an unrelated note: Basically, I think what I’m saying here is that Essam and Hildy are sort of alike and Edriss and Allison are sort of alike and the host and the Yeerk start rubbing off a little bit on each other and everything gets very confused and that’s how everyone falls in love with everyone else.

Ages 9 to Oh, and Peter should receive some sort of lifetime achievement award in parenting.

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Visser Three vissre piece featuring him in his unnamed eight-headed morph, from The Invasion Game. Kids, Kids at heart, Young Sci-fi fans. But how did they get started? No trivia or quizzes yet.

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Vissrr paralysis of internal disagreement. Visser Two visswr undertaken a journey to Earth to assist in the execution of this long-anticipated military action. Onto more important matters, someone draw a Znimorphs with Ifi hair eating a Gedd’s head! Now, Edriss lives in Eva’s head and controls her every movement. The trial finally starts again, and Edriss concludes her story by explaining how she finally caught up with Essam, Allison and the children in a hospital.

Alba June 3, at That line got the eyes watering. Visser One struggles, but it is clear that she still values her own life over love and prepares to fire the gun. I think Essam started sympathizing with Hildy a bit, they started to be friends and talked a lot, Essam started letting Hildy have control sometimes.

And yet that seemed a small compensation animrophs internal treason and confusion and conflict. It all becomes clear when the tiger suddenly turns and swipes at the bear itself: Visser Three claims that the only reason Edriss doesn’t want all out war is because she doesn’t want the humans to actually be taken over, and Edriss argues that all out war would never work.

She repeated this over and over again to him, and I felt really happy for Marco. The moment when I looked for the first time, upon the abomination. Your warriors use that nasty Andalite tail blade on themselves rather than be taken alive.

But Visser One scoffs at him and rattles off a long list of foolish plans of his that would have been avoided had he, like her, spent the time to more fully understand the humans.