Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Arthur and Gorlagon, an anonymous twelfth-century Cymro-Latin. Arthurian parody of a werewolf romance, has been understood as a wholly misogynistic text in. Get this from a library! Arthur and Gorlagon. [George Lyman Kittredge; Bodleian Library.].

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Scansile, scatidile, the steps by which one can mount a horse, a horse-block. The hero games with a supernatural being, wins twice, loses third time, has task laid upon him to obtain the sword of light and golagon of the one story about woman.

It is noteworthy that the current folktale, whilst exhibiting the altered machinery, which indeed it still further alters and complicates, does not go to anything like the same length in the forlagon of moral attitude. So it was that he alone understood this matter thoroughly. If all the gods were to cry from heaven “Arthur, dismount and eat,” I would neither dismount nor eat until I had learnt the rest.

But Arthur said he would by no means do that, and when again requested to dismount, he swore by an oath that he would yield to no entreaties until he had learned what he was in search of. However, if you have any doubt of it, I will have a chain made and will have him fastened up to my bed-ladder. And observing that the King entered the garden so many times a day, and desiring to know the reason, she often purposed to question him on the subject, but never dared to do so.

Folk-Lore/Volume 15/Arthur and Gorlagon

When loose he rushed with fury upon the sewer and threw him arthuf the bed, and tore him so savagely that he left him half-dead. Such a process would be facilitated and hastened by the fusion of the two story-types postulated above; what in either was equivocal in the character of the heroine would put on a darker aspect.

And I had the head embalmed to keep it free from putrefaction. When, however, she found that the King was returning, she concealed the sapling under her sleeve, which hung down long and loose, and went to the threshold of the door to meet him, and throwing her arms around him she embraced him as though she would have kissed him, and then suddenly thrust the sapling out from her sleeve and struck him on the head with it once and again, crying, “Be a wolf, be a wolf,” meaning to add “and have the understanding of a wolf,” but she added instead the words “have gorlqgon understanding of a man.


But let the rest remain and entertain my guests in my stead until I return. WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, ggorlagon you find library materials online. Project MUSE gorrlagon the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

In Melion the hero, hunting in a wood, meets a beautiful woman who has come to him from Ireland, who loves but him alone and has never loved before; this falls in with a vow he had made to have no amie who had ever loved another. He fails, in accordance with the convention of fairydom, as his success would be the hero’s failure. Arthur, dismount and eat. The mortal hero is set in motion by an inimical supernatural being, who wishes to be revenged upon his brother’s slayer.

Catalog Record: Arthur and Gorlagon : versions of The | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Arthur and Gorlagon is not wholly misogynist, but reserves contempt for female characters who express artuur desire ggorlagon public spaces. The werwolf ad nothing of the third king when he appeals to him for protection, which would be absurd if he were really his brother. The framework is lacking, as are also any signs of contamination from the Gellert and Attack on the Child themes.

Preview this item Preview this item. The triadic arrangement is not so rigidly kept. To which she replied, “You ought to have no secrets from your wife, and you must know for certain that I would rather die than live, so long as I feel that I am so little loved by you,” and he could not by any means persuade her to take refreshment.

Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. The other King, having been honoured and enriched with costly presents, as was befitting, returned to his own kingdom. And he condemned the pagan gorlxgon to death. No one familiar with Gaelic story-telling whether in its Irish or Scotch form can fail to recognise in Arthur and Gorlagon an example of the genre. And finding the door bolted the wolf knocked three or four times with his paw, as much as to ask that it might be opened to him.


View all subjects More like this Similar Items. Then the King sitting down in front of the sewer’s couch, questioned him as to the cause of his sickness, and as to the accident which had occasioned his wounds. Arthir it happened that arhtur King had to go grolagon a long journey outside his kingdom to confer with another king, and to go at once, as it would be impossible for him to return in less than ten days.

You may have already requested this item. Kittredgeof Harvard, from the late 14th century Bodleian parchment MS. So the sewer was brought half dead to the guest-chamber. Let us now turn to the consideration of parallels.

Folk-Lore/Volume 15/Arthur and Gorlagon – Wikisource, the free online library

In other languages Add links. Well, if, as you say, you love me so much, you evidently think that you know my heart and my affection.

Then the King, taking some of his men with him, hastened secretly to a certain neighbouring city, commanding his army to remain on shipboard until he had looked into the affair and returned to them.

Literature, Medieval — History and criticism. I am afraid that if he is left alone he will be drowned in his anxiety to get over. But she was dumbfounded at his conduct, and, blushing deeply, looked up at him and asked why he had kissed her thus at such an unusual place and hour. For all the men of that province, both grlagon high and low degree, were groaning under the intolerable tyranny of gorlagob king who had succeeded to the wolf, and were with one voice lamenting their master, who by the craft and subtilty of his wife had been gorlxgon into a wolf, remembering what a kind and gentle master he was.