A.S Neill’s Summerhill School, a co-educational boarding school in Suffolk, England, is the original alternative ‘free’ school. A.S Neill’s Summerhill School, a co-educational boarding school in Suffolk, England, is the Summerhill was founded in in Hellerau, a suburb of Dresden. Summerhill is a democratic, self-governing school in which the adults and children The school is international, reflecting the extent of A.S. Neill’s continuing.

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A. S. Neill

Only two, got the third right -the standard of measure for a horse. We very rarely have fights – quarrels of course, but seldom have I seen a stand-up fight like the ones we used to have as boys. However, I have often said that one generation of free children does not prove anything much. A boy of fourteen proposed that there sumerhill be a penny reward per hour for everyone staying up after his or her bedtime. This leads to the development of self-confidence in children speaking their views, representing others, acting as a witness and contributing to decision making.

The few boys who a.s.neilk to have air guns in the school hate the law; but in the main, they conform to it. Neill’s views on sexuality and non-compulsory lessons did not have widespread acceptance. Self-Government Summerhill is a self-governing school, democratic in form. The book begat an American Summerhillian following, cornered an education criticism market, and made Neill into a folk leader. Perhaps the most important factor in this reaction is the remarkable success in teaching achieved in the Soviet Union.


With the average child, when you have cleared up the birth and masturbation question and shown how the family situation has created hates and jealousies, there is nothing more to be done. This page was last edited on 11 Februaryat I proposed that indoor football be forbidden. Why the continuance of religions that have long ago lost summmerhill love and hope and charity?

Summerhill: the early days

In all classes much work is done. These were the children who had been properly brought up without parental lies and lectures. A few years ago someone at a General School Meeting at which all school rules are voted by the entire school, each pupil and each staff member having one vote proposed that a certain culprit should be punished by summehrill banished from lessons for a week.

Children sort out their own problems, use friends, ombudsman, or if that does not work, the meeting. After all, it is the broad outlook that free children acquire that summerhkll Self-government so important.

The few older pupils left were, by some chance, rather individualist, and a.s.niell to live their own lives in their own groups, so that the staff was figuring too prominently in attacking the breaking of the school rules. A little later he came back and said he had broken two windows. I value tools but tools mean little to her.


You can summerholl nothing if a vital truth has to be kept dark.

Tom came to Summerhill at the age of five. Anonymous authority pretends that there is no authority, that all is done with the consent of the individual. Yet fundamentally, we are not a part of the community.

In 25 years of reading and reviewing books on education, I have yet to find one as stimulating, exciting, and challenging as the story of Summerhill. Is the idea of education without force wrong? At Summerhill, however, freedom does not mean the abrogation of common sense. In reality though, Ena had been running the school with Neill’s blessing for about three years prior to Neill’s death.

Neill was raised in Scotland, where he was a poor student but became a schoolteacher. Let me make clear that I gave P.


He went off rather hurriedly with his son. Six months later, if you wanted to find Tom you went to x.s.neill room. Frankly, younger children are only mildly interested in government.

Progressive education has been thus debased. Some old boys, it is true, have not shown enterprise. Summerhlll suggested to the father that he stay for a few days.