A.S Neill’s Summerhill School, a co-educational boarding school in Suffolk, England, is the original alternative ‘free’ school. A.S Neill’s Summerhill School, a co-educational boarding school in Suffolk, England, is the Summerhill was founded in in Hellerau, a suburb of Dresden. Summerhill is a democratic, self-governing school in which the adults and children The school is international, reflecting the extent of A.S. Neill’s continuing.

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Realistically nobody can ever be happy all of the time and it is an important part of learning to experience negative outcomes from time to time. A learned neurotic is not any different than an unlearned neurotic. Our system must create men whose tastes are standardized, men who can be easily influenced, men whose needs can be summdrhill. Once I got up at a meeting and proposed that no child under sixteen should be allowed to smoke.

Children can go to them or stay away from them— for years if they want to.

Here you were part of the school. Summerhill was founded in in Hellerau, a suburb of Dresden.

Neill credited Summerhill’s environment instead of himself for the school’s reformatory successes. The meeting fined them their pocket money. I had no set method. You have acted, not as a publisher, but as a believer in what Summerhill has done and is doing.


Such unhappiness led to repressed and psychologically disordered adults. Under a weak chairman, the fines are much too frequent. There is an ethos of involvement and mutual care, together with speaking out about problems and dangers. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Hence, Charlie identified himself with the feminine in life, so that he, too, could have power. In fact, being deprived of lessons turns out to be a severe punishment.

Summerhill: the early days

I tried to talk to George, but he wept and sobbed that he wanted to go home. Hence, I never felt pessimistic about older pupils who left school in what we might describe as a half-baked psychological condition.

In modern society we find an increasing separation between intellect and feeling. The spites so often seen elsewhere are absent. Her mind was not academic.

Summerhill school: these days surprisingly strict

They generally begin a.s.nekll work for them seriously at the age of fourteen, and they do the work in about three years. Neill is a man with a kind of courage rare today, the courage to believe in what he sees, and to combine realism with an unshakable faith in reason and love. Here is one given to a boy of fourteen. Each member of the teaching staff and each child, regardless of his age, has one vote.


Even when he asked for a reading lesson, there was some hidden obstruction that kept him from distinguishing between b and p, 1 and k. His consent is obtained, as it were, behind his back, or behind his consciousness.

A.S Neill – A.S Neill’s Summerhill School

I proposed that indoor football be forbidden. During the winter months, Sunday is theater evening. This education usually entailed copious amounts of play and distance from the adult anxieties of work and ambition. The chairman consulted me. The school is international, reflecting the extent of A. E ven in these bewildering times, it can safely be said that Zoe Readhead is the only school principal to have featured naked on a magazine cover.

Neill saw moral instruction as a wedge between natural instinct and conformity and thought children were best off without it. By the way, what department did you say you would like to transfer to?