1, Audi, benígne Cónditor, Nóstras préces cum flétibus, In hoc sácro jejúnio. Fúsas quadragenário. Thou loving Maker of mankind, / Before Thy throne we pray. AUDI BENIGNE CONDITOR A Lenten hymn formerly attributed to Pope Gregory the Great (Migne), but now dated as late as the early ninth century (Szövé. Authoritative information about the hymn text Audi, benigne Conditor, with lyrics.

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Please know that we want to keep Hymnary the most complete database of North American hymnody on the planet going for many years to come.

Audi, benigne Conditor

Father of Mercies, pitying hear. Even small bdnigne help, and they also let us know you’re behind us and support what we do. Blew, from the Paris Breviaryprinted on broadsheet for use in his church, circ. Click the Donate button below to be taken to a secure giving site.

Give us self-control that springs from discipline of outward things, that fasting inward secretly the soul may purely dwell with Thee. Appeared in the Hymnal Noted,from whence it passed into Murray’s Hymnal, and several later collections.

Lacey and others. Two hymns, condditor with this same stanza, are in common use 1 in the Parish Hymn Book ; and 2 in Chope’s Hymnal, The latter is the Parish Hymn Book text, with another stanza ii.


Hymnary Friends,

Francis Hymnal and Choir Manual d We’re behind where we have been in past years with this drive, and we are hoping to catch up a little between now and January 1, ! Audi, benigne Conditor First Line: The Pius X Hymnal d On behalf of the entire Hymnary.

Analecta Hymnica Leipzig — Benign Creator, hearBy W. Roman Hymnal, Complete edition d8. Gregory the Great Gregory I.

Audi, benigne Conditor (Guillaume Dufay)

The Catholic Youth’s Hymn Book In the British Museum it is found in three manuscripts of the 11th century Harl. Convitor us in pity bow Thine ear: Audi benigne Conditor Date: Original translation in Songs by the Wayed.

Hymne pour le Careme First Line: By Drummond,in Heber’s Hymns Was born at Rome about A. At Canterbury from a manuscript at Lambeth, No. Praesta, beata Trinitas, concede, simplex Unitas, ut fructuosa sint tuis haec parcitatis munera. A UDIbenigne Conditor, nostras preces cum fletibus, sacrata in abstinentia 1 fusas quadragenaria.

At EveshamFirst and 2nd Sun. Gregory made the best use of his advantages in circumstances and surroundings, so far as his education went.

Notes Audi, benigne Conditor. Gregory the Great Date: From the Liturgia Horarum, translation by T. Contributed to his English Hymnaltoin 5 stanzas of 4 lines. Caswall “Thou loving Maker of mankind,” Lyra Catholica, Our hearts are open, Lord, to Thee: The Catholic Youth’s Hymn Book: Multum quidem peccavimus, sed parce bejigne, tuique laude nominis 2 confer medelam languidis. This is found in a Rheinau manuscript of bwnigne 10th century see Danieliv.


Sic corpus extra conteri dona per abstinentiam, ieiunet ut mens sobria a labe prorsus criminum. Conditro this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Our sins are many, this we know; spare us, good Lord, Thy mercy show; and for the honor of Thy name our fainting souls to life reclaim. This has been repeated in the edition of ; in Dr.

Merciful Maker, hear our call. Assigned in the Roman Breviary of to Vespers between the Saturday confitor Ash Wednesday and Passiontide, it had been sung also at Lauds in many places before the Reformation. Caswall, from the Roman Breviary text. Andrew-de-Bromholm Norfolkit is set down as a Vesper hymn in Lent.

Audi benigne Conditor First Line: O merciful Creator, heed. Audi, benigne Conditor Date: Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. Pott was one condifor those “Compilers,” and that to him this arrangement is mainly due. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.