4 Mar I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and now I thought it was the time to implement it and make it public: I’d like to write some complete and. 15 Mar Things get even more interesting when you think that there is the Autoconf Archive – which, by the way, references Autotools Mythbuster as. 6 Feb You might have noticed after yesterday’s post that I have done a lot of visual changes to Autotools Mythbuster over the weekend. The new style.

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I suppose it might have been nice to be able to set the toolchain from the command line without a small text file, but that’s a minute hurdle to get over. By design choice Meson is a standalone DSL and does not export xutotools Python feature directly, with the explicit goal to be able to rewrite it later using a more portable platform for instance using C. And it would probably be interesting if you autotoops just declare in your configure.

Each of this module will look for a particular thing. Learning about autotools is an amazing source of fremdscham.

Exposing and Hiding Symbols 4. MichaelMoser on Dec 18, And you only need to have experience with trying to remove one auttools two features before the desire will be seared out of you by firebrands wielded by angry crowds.

Changes in automake release 3. Over time, these tests get shared around and become part of the core autotools libraries, which is the other problem: I’ve ended up having to write self-writing makefiles to do that. You’re best off using the Ninja generator, but how many people do this right mythnuster is questionable.


Autotools Mythbuster: so why do we have three projects? – Flameeyes’s Weblog

Perhaps ajtotools Life Preserver” or something would be more accurate. Hacker News new comments show ask jobs submit. I think more like “differently bad”.

A lot of people will complain about it, because they want to use it to get stuff done.

Autotools Mythbuster | Hacker News

Incidentally this is one thing that GNU autotools get right. Plus, ‘set a flag for just this file’ is another thing that’s appallingly broken. Well, way back in the day when they existed to the degree they did. It’s the whole chain of “if Windows, if cygwin, if mingw, if msvc” what I called a “database” above.

My earlier comment was talking about “platforms you would want to build stuff on”. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. The Pine e-mail program was a good example of this; its Alpine successor uses Autoconf. The title should be at least 4 characters long. I don’t know Autotools, but I find the CMake workflow to be tolerable.

It is true that if you use target specific variables you have to ensure yourself that you set them in such a way that no qutotools behavior can occur; it would be great if make reported a warning in mythbster cases. Would you like us to take another mjthbuster at this review? So “start working on a successor if you don’t like it” might not have the same effect for this project. List of Examples 1. On my development system, I had about half a dozen installations of different versions of Autoconf, so that I could create minimal patches against configure scripts!!!


Nowadays some build tools don’t even attempt to solve this problem and only target Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu, and usually only the latest version of each.

That’s why the configure script is ‘s to 10’s of ‘s of lines of shell script. However, fseeko and ftello are not declared. Email required Address never made public.

Autotools Mythbuster: so why do we have three projects?

Those lines are neither readable, comprehensible, nor easy to remember for me. I confess that I don’t even know how to write a makefile, but reading the comments here, should I understand that cmake is better than autotools?

At first I wrote shell scripts to automatically do all this, then I figured this is the sort of thing Make was built for right? Yeah, I know it’s a damned hard problem, but that’s why I posted it the way I did.