A Few Words about Azharul Fatawa by Hadrat Allama Mufti Mohammed Naseem Ashraf Habibi (Habibi Darul Ifta, Durban South Africa) Azharul Fatawa is a. Azhar-ul-Fatawa. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is. Name, Azhar Ul Fatawa. Author. Topic. Publisher, Habibi Dar Ul Ifta Durban Saudh Africa. Language, English. Total Count,

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Hence, find out the insight of Hadrat Mufti-e-Azam Hind nidi Allahu anhu in Islamic law and estimate the range of his information about the habits and affairs of contemporary persons. It is regrettable that no record was kept of all the verbal directives and Fatawa issued by Allama Sahib in English on his tour as they exceed in number when compared with his written Fatawa.

In the field of issuing Fatawa, Allama Sahib has established a niche for himself by displaying the unusual qualities of possessing a highly retentive memory of the reference works on Fiqh; an incisive approach to the question; and applying conciseness, clarity and sagacity in producing the answers.


Accordingly, the great theologian, his holiness Shah Burhanuddin alaihir rahma states in his distinguished work, “Hedaya”, that: He died following a long illness on 20 Julyaged This has been prepared especially for the English-speaking Muslims who find the issues addressed azjarul new and interesting in the context of their modern lifestyle. No doubt, after having known all the principles of Islamic Law, the knowledge of people’s conditions is necessary for a theologian.

Therefore, Ulama used to say that “Whoever is not aware of the people of his time, he is ignorant. Hence, everybody can derive clearly that Muslims in every age used to build the Mosque around the Shrine.


Azhar-ul-Fatawa –

Retrieved from ” https: In this case the performance of Janaza Namaaz of such a person is forbidden totally. So the poet says that his peer, ‘Ala Hadrat, is his solver and remover of difficulties.

Some of his Books’ names are as follows:. The first collection has been widely accepted and acclaimed, with the help of Almighty Allah. Azharul Fatawa has also been published in hard copies. Zaid used to wear the coat, shirt with collar and neck-tie, Turkish cap and pish waripyjama and boots and has his hair done in English fashion. So, indeed, it is their customary manner, which makes Muslims deserve disgrace and Hell.

The first collection has been widely accepted and acclaimed, with the help of Almighty Allah.

Full text of “Azhar Ul Fatawa (english)”

A glance of Encyclopedias printed before will confirm this point. They are misled and every baseless act of Wahabis is against Islamic faith. This very reason is enough to inhibit its usenotwithstanding, no resemblance exists in azhzrul manners.

From this Hadith we clearly see that if one was permitted to use another persons human parts, then Almighty Fatwa would not have cursed the user, but in this Hadith one sees that the user of the human part is cursed. It is interesting to note that the entire Kitaab is a compilation of questions that were submitted to him through the English medium, and the answers which were recorded here verbatim are azhharul that were dictated by Allama Sahib in the English language.

It is a pity that the multitude of questions posed to him over the phone and the relative answers have not been recorded. If he is unable to look at his beloved Rasool Sallal-Laahu Alaihi Wassallamhe must believe that his Rasool Sallal-Laahu Alaihi Wassallam is alive and he is in front of him observing his actions ahzarul looking at the condition of his heart wherever he may be. This status quo is still maintained despite warning the management of the Mosque of this dangerous practice through a hand delivered azuarul and pamphlets.


In this difficult situation, can a Hafiz lead Salaah of weeh whose beard is short? Therefore, finally, we state that if one uses contraceptives with the fear of feeding one’s child, then this is not permissible.

He sallallaahu Ta’ala alaihi wasallam prayed and it began to rain. He has been known to dictate Fatawa in such a manner that he quotes from memory the original text from Arabic reference works like a Hafizul Quran reciting the Quran. I have to say azhxrul regard with the usage of the microphone during the performance of Salaah that it is not legitimate to use the microphone during Salaah as it is necessary that the Muqtadies must hear the original voice of the Imaam.

Almighty Allah does not grant permission azhaurl one should change the objective or the role of any creation.

After the passing away of Huzoor Mufti Azam Hind radi Allahu anhuAllama Sahib not only assumed the responsibility of the Darul Azyarul, but he bestowed it with the dignity which created absolute confidence and respect in the minds of even the most learned in the field.

Once the area was struck with feminine. They must not put on the Tie in the name of job, etc. Iam certain that it will be a female child.

I conclude with these few words: However, Walayat does bring about the unveiling of things or X-ray vision to the great Awliya Allah Saints.