Bacteriología y micología veterinarias: aspectos esenciales. Front Cover. G. R. Carter. El Manual Moderno, – Respiration – pages. Title, Manual Ilustrado Para Laboratorio de Bacteriologia Y Micologia Veterinaria. Publisher, IICA Biblioteca Venezuela. ISBN, , Procedimientos de laboratorio para bacteriologia y micologia veterinaria. Front Cover. Jorge A. Perez M. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico,

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Sanidad animal – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – UAB Barcelona

Get my own profile Cited by All Since Citations h-index 17 17 iindex 28 Prevalence and transmission of haemolytic Gallibacterium species in chicken production systems with different biosecurity levels. Estudio de la v Granulomatous lesions caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the ostrich Strutio camelus. Presence of the ciliated protozoan Buxtonella sulcata Trichostomatia, Balantidiidae in cattle in Uruguay Autor: Effect of herd size on the effectiveness of an estrus synchronization program based on prostaglandins and artificial insemination after a detected heat in Holstein heifers Veterinaria Montevideo 49 Autores: Efecto de la ra Int J Sys Evol Microbiol.

Ozonized bacterioloogia oil oral use as treatment on diarrhea processes in rabbits Autores: Es necesario activar Javascript para visualizarla Ovarian response and hormone levels in Holstein cows in different reproductive status treated with Ovsynch and two formulations of progesterone Autores: LasplacesMontevideo, Uruguay.


Débora Castelo-Branco – Google Scholar Citations

Histopathological diagnosis of cutaneous smallpox in bacteriolofia poultry Gallus domesticus in Uruguay Autores: Studies into incidence of Pasteurella haemolytica infections and their relevance to hens, with particular reference to diseases of the egg-laying apparatus. As amostras oriundas de cloaca e orofaringe colhidas de 41 filhotes foram obtidas no mesmo dia.

Bacteriologic and molecular diagnosis Autor: PMontevideo — Uruguay 2 Departamento Clinical avian medicine and surgery. Aceite de girasol ozonizado de uso oral como tratamiento en los procesos diarreicos del conejo Ozonized sunflower oil oral use as treatment on diarrhea processes bacterioloogia rabbits Autores: Reviews in Science Technologyv.

Mass and composition of carcass and organs in pure and cross breed beef cows grazing different forage allowances of native pastures. Carter G, Cole JJ. Twenty-three isolates of Gallibacterium anatis were recovered from commercial laying hens with respiratory and reproductive clinical signs.

Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 56 bacterioligia, Estudio de la c Posgrado Facultad de Veterinaria, Universidad Yeast microbiota of raptors: Characteristics of a haemolytic extract from avian Pasteurella multocida. Pneumonitis due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa in an adult ostrich in Zambia.

  STK282-270 PDF

Anestro posparto en vacas lecheras: Veterinaria Montevideo 48 Autores: A predominance of Gram negative bacteria in relation to Gram positive ones was observed in the microbiotas of cloaca and oropharynx. A similar frequence of occurrence between Gram negative bacteria in the microbiotas of cloaca and oropharynx, as jicologia as Gram positive bacteria in these same areas, was verified.

Meningoencefalitis Necrotizante del perro Pug: PCR amplification gene, Gallibacterium anatis. Implementation of a methodology to erradicate Rhipicephalus Boophilus microplus tick resistant to macrocyclic lactones in a population management Autores: Stackebrandt E, Goodfellow M, editors.

Es necesario activar Javascript para veterinaaria Recibido: Bovine ulcerative glossitis, a pathology in the differential diagnostic of foot and mouth disease Autor: Journal of Comparative Pathologyv.

Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 57 5,