Bergenia ligulata is a perennial herb with short, thick, fleshy and procumbent stems and very stout root stock. Leaves are ovate or round and cm long. Bergenia ligulata wall whole plant is used for kidney and bladder stones, urinary problems. (8,9,) It has been reported to exhibit various pharmacological. Pashanabheda- Bergenia ligulata (Wall.) Engl. is a small plant used in the treatment of renal calculi, retention of urine, wounds, diseases of the.

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Simultaneous determination of bergenin and gallic acid in Bergenia ligulata wall by high-performance thin-layer chromatography. Calcium oxalate crystals, viewed under liigulata microscope at 10x magnification in the urine of a normal control, b urolithiasis control, c DCM fraction treated, d mother extract, and e Neeri treated rat. The supernatant was subjected to analysis for calcium, oxalate, uric acid, and phosphate by using various biochemical kits Span Diagnostics Ltd.

Journal of Oleo Science ; No crystals were found in the urine of normal control group but large peritubular crystals of with the characteristic of rectangular shape scattered throughout were found in the urine of urolithiasis rats Figure 5 b. To our knowledge, this is the first study on curative effect of mother extract and DCM fraction of B. Further, calcium oxalate stones have been classified into two types, that is, calcium oxalate monohydrate stones COM and calcium oxalate dihydrate COD [ 18 ].

IC 50 value of n-butanol fraction was found to be 4. Screening of Nepalese medicinal plants for antiviral activity. Alpha-glucosidase inhibitor from Bergenia ligulata. CRC Press Inc; Most of the previous studies were performed on its preventive effect but we investigated the curative properties of the mother as well bioactivity guided fraction of B.


Bergenia Ligulata – Ayurvedic Herb

These plants and their products are also reported to be effective in the treatment as well as prevention of recurrence of renal calculi with minimal or no side effects [ 8 ].

Some pharmacological studies on ethanolic extract of roots of Bergenia ligulata. Sayeed Ahmad contributed to conceiving and designing the experiment, analysis and interpretation of data, manuscript preparation, and critical evaluation. Head of Department, Govt. The ethno-botanical and ethno-pharmacological studies on such plants continue to attract investigators throughout the world. Llgulata the untreated animals, ethylene glycol intake did not cause excessive hyperoxaluria and hypocalciuria in B.

Article Information

The study revealed that DCM fraction has significantly greater inhibitory potential than other fractions. Yield of Mother Extract and Fraction Deionized water was used for the extraction of plant materials through maceration.

View at Google Scholar R. Hot water extract of whole dried plant of B. In Vivo Evaluation 2. Antiviral Research ; Bergenia ligulata, Controversial drugs, Paashanbheda, Stone crusher, Antiurolithic activity, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology.

The llgulata concentrations of calcium chloride and sodium oxalate were selected based on their sensitivity in spectrophotometer and turbidity of the solution. Acute toxicity studies were carried out for alcoholic extract of B.

The decrease in oxalate excretion by both the extracts of pashanbhed might be due to either desolvation of calcium oxalate crystals or the inhibition of the formation of oxalate. A number of plants have been used because of being efficient for bertenia and correcting urinary stones; for example, Tribulus terrestris fruitDidymocarpus pedicellata leafDolichos biflorus seedfruits and leaves of Solanum nigrumand seeds of Cichorium intybus are very common in Traditional Indian System of Medicine [ 7 ].


Studies on Nepalese crude drugs on the phenolic constituents of the rhizomes of Bergenia ciliata Haw. Phenolic constituents of the cell walls of Dicotyledons. For analysis of precipitating crystals, measurements started when beegenia microscopic field having a calcium oxalate crystal was encountered.

BioMed Research International

Estimation of Bergenin A simple TLC method has been developed for the simultaneous quantification of bergenin, catechin and gallic acid from different parts of B. But in our study we isolated bioactivity guided fractions from an aqueous extract of B.

The leakage of renal calcium is associated with the gut absorption of calcium and bone calcium release resulting in hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria [ 6 ].

Top of Page Home. Microscopic images of kidney sections under a light microscope 40x after hematoxylin and eosin staining from animals of a normal control, b sham control, c urolithiasis control, d mother extract, e DCM fraction, and f Neeri tablet treated rats. Immunomodulatory effect of bergenin and norbergenin against adjuvant-induced arthritis-a flow cytometric study. Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany ; The maceration extraction was selected for study due to its high yields and called mother extract