: Blood Wedding: A Play (): Federico García Lorca, Ted Hughes: Books. 25 Jan Lorca’s play is stylised and almost balletic, crying out – so it has always seemed to me – for a rather surreal, totally non-. 13 May Gael Garcia Bernal in Blood Wedding, Almeida, London It may not come up with the startling images of Ted Hughes’s version, but Ronder’s is.

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Norris’s production is full of visual invention, but lacks clearly defined roots. Leonardo, who is now married, returns to his home after work. Out in the forest to which Leonardo and the Bride have fledthree woodcutters emerge to wedcing the events in a manner somewhat similar to that of a Greek chorus, except that they speak to each other, not to the audience.

Fate plays an important role in weddjng plot of Blood Wedding, with its plot twists and final outcome.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. But where Lorca’s play slowly edges towards symbolism, Norris’s production strives almost too hard to mix the real and surreal. Views Read Edit View history.

Blood Wedding – Wikipedia

The Father tells The Mother about his dead wife and his desire to see his daughter marry and bear children. She brings an unmistakeable touch of Synge as she tells her daughter-in-law, “Weep all you like but not in my blokd. While Bernal’s Leonardo is authentically Latin, the bride with whom he absconds is played by Thekla Reuten, who hails from wwdding Netherlands.


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Bride begs The Groom to keep her safe. The cycle of life and progression of time are present in that the entire play is devoted to a wedding. He states that by the end of the night, blood will be spilt.

Blood Wedding

Up in fury, the Groom enters along with a Youth from the wedding party. Finally, the theme of nature is present in Blood Wedding: The theme of choice is evident in the characters of Leonardo, the bride, and the bridegroom. The wedding-feast is beautifully evoked through flickering, silhouetted dancers.

Leonardo exits, and two screams ring out in the darkness. The Youth is disturbed by the dark forest and urges the Groom to turn back, but the Groom refuses, vowing to kill Leonardo and reclaim his Bride.

Penguin Books The Mother, who still hates the Felix family, is furious, but decides to visit the girl before bringing the matter up with The Groom. In most weddign, marriage marks the passage from childhood to adulthood and a progression through life and time.

Leonardo’s choice to leave his wife for the bride is, perhaps, due to his nature hughed him from doing otherwise. If the production is almost too strenuous in trying to embrace both Lorca’s realism and poetry, Tanya Ronder’s new translation is more successful.


Dramatic works by Ted Hughes

The Neighbor arrives to te with The Mother, and reveals to her that The Bride was previously involved with a man named Leonardo Felix, a relative of the men who killed The Mother’s husband. But her Irishness makes her a strangely isolated figure. The Groom exits with her.

As they flee the stage, The Moon appears in the form of a young woodcutter with a white face.

BBC Radio 3 – Drama on 3, Lorca’s Rural Trilogy, Blood Wedding

The bride is deceptive by masking her residual desire for Leonardo with a marriage to another man. It’s a line echoing one of Lorca’s main themes: Leonardo’s Wife tells the Groom that her husband left on horseback, blopd the Groom brushes her off, saying that Leonardo simply went for a quick ride.

He speaks of his burning desire for her and the pride that kept him from marrying her before.

Presumably, although this is never explicitly stated, and it happens after the play’s end the bride is afterwards killed as a sacrifice to restore the family’s honour. The theme of deception is related to the theme of choice.