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There he began earning his livelihood by cutting firewood from forest and selling these in the town. This is the reason why observing fast on Thursdays brihaspari considered to be yielding best results.

Face towards east direction while praying.

The maid returned and told katna to the queen the helpless as she had become began cursing her fate. Know what the August 11 Solar Eclipse is bringing for you on the basis of your Zodiac. With the kind blessings of Brihaspati God they began prospering once again.

The woodcutter did get 4 paise lying at door of the prison on Thursday he arranged to get materials for the worship with that money and narrated the story of Brihaspati God to those present there. Hearing this kings eyes welled up with tears he offered his situations to the saint and narrated his plight. Gradually time rolled on the next day Thursday when the king went to town to sell firewood, he earned more than what he used to earn earlier the king bought grams and Jaggery from the market and observed fast.

But as soon as the girl left home to go to her in-law house the Brahmin became poor again. Next day was a Thursday, the girl was observing fast she prayed to Brihaspati God for a golden winnow basket, Brihaspati God decided to respond to her prayer the girl like other days, went to school scattering grains of barley in the way, while on her way back she not only found the grains of barley transformed into gold but she also found a golden winnow basket in the way.

Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India.

Bhraspativar (Thursday) Aarti

The Brahmin went back home and returned to his daughter along with his wife. Yellow is the color of the day. According to the hindu astrology Bhraspati is the name for the planet Jupiter, which is one of the Navagraha the nine planets.


The king decided that he would observe fasts every day and narrate the stories of Brihaspati God three times a day. But the queen again became very lethargic like she was before.

One day her daughter became very angry with her she locked her in a room next day she forced her to take bath and offer worships and thus set right. People having Jupiter Guru in weak position in their Kundali must observe this fast.

This site uses cookies. Everyone began praising the king for his kind act. How to perform Brihaspati Puja Fast. Meanwhile, Guru Brihaspati donned in the disguise of a saint, came to the palace to collect alms.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You may observe Brihaspati Vrat as many times as you wish. Usually devotees observe this Vrat for 7, 11, 21, 40, 48, 51, or days or for life time. Close your eyes and pray for what to you want. The Art of Seeing: Place a yantra on a copper plate besides the deity.

How to make the most of Mars retrograde; June 26 to August Dev Guru Brihaspati is the Karaka of money. Jun 27, The king was only too pleased to get such good news in his dream.

The king decided that he would observe fasts every day and narrate the stories of Brihaspati God three times a day.

IT Haat Devotional: Bhraspativar (Guruvar) Vrat Katha, Katha Vrat, Vidhi, Aarti

Astrology Remedies for Jupiter. They went and collected Grams and Jaggery from the stable and offering gram pulses to root of banana tree. Just then Brihaspati God in the guise of a saint came and spoke to the king.

Email required Address never made public. On the day of fast, a person should wake up before sunrise and after completing the routine works like bathing etc. But as soon as the girl left home to go katga her in-law house the Brahmin became poor again.


They became very sad, but since they had observed the fast, Brihaspati God was pleased with them he came in the guise of a very ordinary person with two platters full of meals made of yellow materials, in his hands.

Wishes of a person are fulfilled on observing this fast. Fast for Holistic Healing. Times Point Know more. Partial Solar Eclipse is coming and here’s how it will affect your Zodiac Sign. Place dry sweets on a dish while chanting this mantra. Food vat taken only once on the Vrat day.

Acting on the advice of her maid the queen began spending for good causes which earned her a very good name. She told her sister how she had been starving along with her maids. The Brahmin enjoyed every prosperity in this mortal world and went to heaven after death and thus having narrated this story the saint vanished. Then Lord Vishnu and Brihaspati is worshiped with yellow flowers, gram Dal, yellow sandalwood, sweet made of Besan, turmeric, yellow rice etc.

Remember him in the heart and wish him victory. She used to forbid the king also from doing so. This was something his Queen detested very much neither she observed fasts nor did she give a single paisa in charity. The queen, in the ninth month gave birth to a beautiful male child. Chant this mantra times every brihaspsti and you must complete times over some time.