No /, (the Brussels II bis Regulation) to determine the jurisdiction. soudní příslušnosti dle nařízení Brusel II bis ve světle nejnovější judikatury. Brussels II Regulation (EC) No /, also called Brussels IIA or II bis is a European Union Regulation on conflict of law issues in family law between. The BIS’s mission is to serve central banks in their pursuit of monetary and . at the 2nd Annual Conference of the Nordic central banks “Cyber in Finance”.

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The provisions of Article 19, paragraph 2, BR II are not applicable where a court of a Member Brussl first seised for the purpose of obtaining measures in matters of parental responsibility is seised only for the purpose of its granting provisional measures within the meaning of Article 20 of that Regulation and where a court of another Member State which has jurisdiction as to the substance of the matter within the meaning of the same regulation is seised second of an action directed at obtaining the same measures, whether on a provisional basis or as final measures.

With regard to the Hague Convention of 19 October on parental responsibility and measures for the protection of childrenthe regulation is fully applicable if the child normally lives in an EU country. The same principle would apply to the reverse situation. In fact the Brussels II Regulation encloses four different kind of rules to establish which Member State s has have jurisdiction over matrimonial matters as mentioned above. Where a respondent habitually resident in a State other than the Member State where the action was brought does not enter an appearance, the court with jurisdiction shall stay the proceedings so long as it is not shown that the respondent has been able to receive the document instituting the proceedings or an equivalent document in sufficient time to enable him to arrange for his defence, or that all necessary steps have been taken to this end.

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Recognition can be refused if, for example:. The court second seised has to stay its proceedings and wait for the other court to decide whether it has jurisdiction.

It may happen that the same parties initiate court proceedings on the matters of the same divorce, legal separation or marriage annulment or on matters of parental responsibility concerning the same child and the same cause of action in different Member States.

It should be emphasised that, under this rule, the court second seised must always decline jurisdiction in favour of the court first seised, bruusel when the internal law of that Member State does not provide for separation or annulment.

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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

That interpretation is not affected by Article 6 BR II, since the application of Articles 7, paragraph 1and 17 BR II depends not upon the position of the respondent, but solely on the question whether the court of a Member State has jurisdiction pursuant to Articles 3 to 5 of the Regulation, the objective of which is brjsel lay down uniform conflict of law rules for divorce in order to ensure a free movement brusrl persons which is as wide as possible. Article 18 of the Brussels II Regulation.

Section 3 Chapter II Common provisions for determining jurisdiction. The Regulation applies to civil law cases involving more than one country that relate to:.

Such matters generally come under the jurisdiction of the courts in the EUcountry where the child usually lives.

The right bbis defence of a party has to be guaranteed.

Brussels II

Private international law of the European Union. If the conditions for the application of the exemptions laid down in Articles 39 an d 3 9 bis o f t he VAT Code are not fulfilled, the supply of the goods becomes taxable in Belgium and the debt is incurred as a result of the mere existence of the transaction 8. Once the divorce ruling was final in Sweden, however, the interested party could apply to a court in Austria, in order to ensure that those effects of the divorce which would be null under Austrian law would have the necessary effects ex tunc as opposed to divorce which has only effects ex nunc, bearing in mind, moreover, that the recognition of the scope of this Convention is restricted to changes in civil status see paragraph Article 18 BR II is based on Article 20 of the Brussels Convention and, on the same topic, the provisions in the Hague Convention on the service abroad of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil or commercial matters.

A single legal instrument to help international couples resolve disputes, involving more than one country, over their divorce and the custody of their children. Consequently, the provisional measures cease to have effect when the competent court has taken the measures it considers appropriate.

Is the bar on a second prosecution for the same acts n e bis i n i dem principle contained in Article 54 of the Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement of 14 June between the Governments of the States of the Benelux Economic Union, the Federal Republic of Germany and the French Republic on the gradual abolition of checks at their common borders signed in Schengen Luxembourg on 19 June 1 to be interpreted as precluding the prosecution of a suspect in the Republic of Austria for the same acts in respect of which criminal proceedings in the Slovak Republic were discontinued after its accession to the European Union by means of a binding order of a police authority suspending the proceedings without further sanction taken after examination of the merits of the case?

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The traditional lis pendens arrangement did not solve all the problems and there was therefore a need to find a new wording which would achieve the objective desired. This ensures that the same procedure will be followed in the entire European Union.

However, a court of a Member State in which a child is present cannot provisionally grant custody of the child to one parent if a court of another Member State, which has jurisdiction as to the substance of the case, has already given custody to the other parent. Article 18 Examination as to admissibility – 1.

Mezinárodní únosy dětí a Evropská úmluva o ochraně lidských práv a základních svobod

The Regulation says nothing about the type of measures or about their connection with the matrimonial proceedings. Statistics BIS statistics on the international financial system shed light on issues related to global financial stability. After the protective measure has been taken, the national court is not required to transfer the case to the court of another Member State having jurisdiction.


The rule laid down in Article 20, paragraph 1, Brussel II is confined to establishing territorial effects in the State in which the measures are adopted. The fact that a court of a Member State is seised in the context of proceedings bbis obtain interim relief or that a judgment is handed down in the context of such proceedings and there is nothing in the action brought or the judgment handed down which indicates that the court seised for the interim measures has jurisdiction within the meaning of the Brussels II Regulation does not necessarily preclude the possibility that, as may be provided for by the national law of that Member State, there may be an action as to the substance of the matter which is linked to the action to obtain interim measures and in which there is evidence to demonstrate that the court seised has jurisdiction within the meaning of that regulation.

Languages and formats available. This website requires javascript for proper use. Article 20 of the Brussels II Regulation. In that case, the party who brought the relevant action before the court second seised may bring that action before the court first seised.

Top Share this page. Central bank hub Central bank and monetary authority websites Iceland Logout. The measures referred to in paragraph 1 shall cease to apply when the court bks the Member State having jurisdiction under this Regulation as to the substance of the matter has taken the measures it considers appropriate.