Download Buddha Vandana Gatha apk and all version history for Android. Buddhist Sermons. Pali Chanting in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition. * Basic Pronunciation. Vandanâ Namô Tassa Bhagavatô Arahatô Sammâ-Sambuddhassa (3x). Homage to. Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc. Compiled by H. Gunaratana Mahathera. Bhavana Vanda . Buddha Vandanā. .. Buddhajayamangala Gāthā.

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As a mark of protection for the people of Vesali, the Buddha delivered this discourse after which the evil spirits were exorcised and the pestilence subsided. I undertake to observe the precept to abstain from sexual misconduct. Translation – Homage to the Teachings The Dhamma of the Blessed One is perfectly expounded; to be seen here and how; not delayed in time; inviting one to come and see; onward leading to Nibbana ; to be known by the wise, each for himself.

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Translation – Homage to the Disciples of the Buddha The Sangha of the Blessed One’s disciples has entered on the good way; the Sangha of the Blessed One’s disciples has entered on the straight way; the Sangha of the Blessed One’s disciples has entered on the proper way, that is to say; the Four Pairs of Men, the Eight Types of Persons; the Sangha of the Blessed One’s disciples is fit for gifts, fit for hospitality, fit for offerings, and fit for vandqna salutation, as the incomparable field of merit for the world.


Just as a firm post, sunk in the earth, cannot be shaken by the four winds; even so do I declare him to be a righteous person who thoroughly perceives the Noble Truths.

Dha-mmam, ss in Ehi-passiko: This, they say, is the Highest Conduct. Discourse on Loving Kindness He who is skilled in his good and who wishes to attain that state of Calm should act thus: The Three Refuges I go to the Buddha as my refuge. Not to associate with fools, to associate with the wise, and to honour those who are worthy of honour – this is the Highest Blessing.

The support of father and mother, the cherishing of wife and children, and peaceful occupations – this is the Highest Blessing.

Let his thoughts of boundless love pervade the whole world: For the third time I go to the Buddha as my Refuge. With steadfast mind, applying themselves thoroughly in the Dispensation of Gotama, exempt from passionthey have attained to “that which should be attained”, and, plunging into the Deathless, they enjoy Peace obtained without price.

Buddha Vandana Gatha

Moreover may they attentively listen to my words! Verily, in the Buddha is this precious jewel.

Discourse on Loving Kindness. I undertake to observe the precept to abstain from false speech. I undertake to observe the precept to abstain from liquor causing intoxication and heedlessness.

In anger or ill will, let him not wish any harm to another.

I undertake to observe gagha Five Precepts to the best of my ability. We beings here assembled, whether terrestrial or celestial, salute the Accomplished Sangha, honoured by gods and men.


Standing thus, he addressed the Exalted One in verse: Verily, in the Sangha is the precious jewel. Whatever evil deed he does, whether gatah deed, word or thought, he is incapable of hiding it; for it hath been said that such an act is impossible for one who has seen the Path. I go to the Buddha as my refuge.

Pali Chanting in Theravada Buddhist Tradition

vandaha Their past is extinct, a fresh becoming there is not, their minds are not attached to a future birth, their desires grow not – those wise ones go out even as this lamp. For the second time I go to the Buddha as my Refuge. Show your love to the human beings who, day and night, bring offerings to you. Let not one deceive another nor despise any person whatever in any place.

Buddha Vandana Gatha APK

There is nought like that Concentration. Discourse on Blessings Thus have I heard: Wherefore guard them zealously.

Verily, in the Dhamma is this precious jewel. Vast-learning, perfect handicraft, a highly trained discipline, and pleasant speech – this is the Highest Blessing.