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The point here is that to do testing, you need to easily replace real service implementations with stubs or mocks. Should I really use dependency injection here?

But I guess you are lazy and will choose one of the galipeo source frameworks. It could work like follows just for the JSE-developers under us:. In Java there is similar class BitSet.

You can do the following Install NUnit Create a new project with your sources. TestMethod results in calling ClassA. By continuing to galileoo this website, you agree to their use. Today I need your help! That means you could specify the implementations of the interface by: In c we have real generics, with separate namespace: Because of this project and picocontainer I read a lot about design patterns.


The dependency was defined by the method setMyInterface — this is called setter injection. One of my latest posts was about the oprnbook rich client. Other kinds of injections are: This is really annoying. So look here for the workaround.

Now it is really easy to replace the implementation of the Logger interface e. Eclipse, NetBeans, etc — all will run at least on linux and windows! And this will be plattform dependend, right?

CGL @ ETHZ – – Course Notes

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If you are new to C it is a little bit different as in Java to create a test case. SuperClassA constructor chain in c: So, if you use e.

This design pattern helps the software architect to loosly couple components. I know there is Mono, but when was the last time you tried to run the Visual Studio on Mono?

But please, this is just a draft. What would you do? Other kinds of injections are:.

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They say you have to avoid singletons, because it is difficult to test and to replace. How can I avoid making all classes public? I know that there are now some more languages for the jvm, but the jvm was published with only one language: That means you could specify the implementations of the interface by:.


It could work like follows just for the JSE-developers under us: XmlSerializer linq it gslileo possible to overload operators you can use string in switch statements! Whats wrong with my use case and my conclusion?

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And then look at Java: This site uses cookies. This item can be accessed from the entire assembly, or within objects which derive from this class. IDE add an existing project to the explorer: And balileo leads me to the next important question: Although I love Java there are really cool things in C: C protected internal — think of this one as the union of protected and internal, as the item is is modifying is either protected or internal.

The most obvious design pattern in spring is called dependency injection.