17 Jun The purpose of the Act. This Act shall ensure access to important land information by means of a uniform and reliable register (the cadastre). Home arrow Collection 6 – Filipiniana Theses and Dissertations arrow CA 1. Reference URL. Add tags. Comment. Rate. Save to favorites Remove from favorites. Cadastral Act, Act was enacted on February 11, mandated the Director of Lands to order the conduct of a land survey that covers an entire.

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National identity numbers can only be provided if the conditions of section 12 of the Personal Data Act are met.

As amended by See. A private surveyor possessing the prescribed qualifications shall, upon application to the Director of Lands, be given a certificate authorizing him cadstral make surveys as contemplated in this article; and without such certificate no private surveyor shall make any survey for Land registration purposes.

Decisions on coercive fines are enforceable by execution. If the request has minor defects, the municipality may still carry out cadastral cdaastral. Whenever in proceedings under this Act the court is of the opinion that the interests of justice cadastrap or the parties themselves petition that a partition be made of lands included in the petition and held by various persons in common or jointly, the court may order that such partition be made and for that purpose may appoint two or more disinterested and judicious persons to be commissioners to make the partition, and shall order a writ of partition to issue to the commissioners, commanding them to make partition of the lands and to set off to each of the parties in interest such part and proportion of the lands as the court shall order.

This effort was made in order to respond to the need to speed up the distribution of public agricultural lands in the rural area due to the agrarian unrest in the countryside and to reconstruct records damaged from the war.

When special reasons exist, the municipality may, upon application from the person who has requested the survey, enter a new cadastral parcel into the cadastre without completing the cadastral survey. The Ministry may by regulations issue further provisions on recording a new cadastral parcel in the cadastre without completing the cadastral survey.

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The name Insular Bureau cadawtral Public Land was later changed by virtue of Act to the Bureau of Lands, the name became popularly known to the masses who are the direct beneficiary of public agricultural lands for distribution. Registration of farm commons may be demanded by anyone who has substantiated having an interest in the commons, or by the State, county authority or municipality.

It seems that the affirmative cadawtral is imperative for this is precisely the case where a real action for partition lies, because when the defendants deny co-ownership and allege exclusive ownership, the action is converted into one for the recovery of property, as we have said in former cases.


The Act applies to the casastral country. The notice shall be issued by order of the court, attested by the Chief of the General Land Registration Office, and shall be in form substantially as follows:. Future subdivisions of any lot shall, with the approval of said court, be designated by a letter or letters of the alphabet added cadasyral the cadastral number of the lot to which the respective subdivisions pertain.

Compensation for expropriation pursuant to section 44, damage and inconvenience due to actions under section 41, and repayment pursuant to section 42 fourth paragraph shall be determined by discretionary assessment if the parties do not reach agreement among themselves.

Repealed by Act No. Shortcut for search page. The contrary is precisely provided by article of the Civil Code reading: Section 6 cadastrxl Act No. Act on a national register for land information Cadastre Act Act on a national register for land information Cadastre Act. Cadadtral of land rights may still take place if the transfer of title is part of an inheritance, administration of an estate or enforcement of claims, or concerns a leasehold interest for a period of 10 years or less, cf.

The Cadastral Act (Act. no. ) :: Collection 6 – Filipiniana Theses and Dissertations

Who may demand cadastral recording of new cadastral parcel etc. For more than a century, the Bureau is in the forefront of the effort of the government to promote social equity by distributing public agricultural lands to the rural masses. The Ministry may by regulations issue further provisions on fees and payment for information from the cadastre, including the rules regarding distribution of these revenues between the municipality and qct State.

Legally created unregistered land and unregistered leased land may be entered in the cadastre when ownership or leasehold interests can be documented through agreements or other legal basis. For point-leased land, the anchor point shall be marked and measured. Interference with surveys and monuments. Upon the order taxing and apportioning such costs becoming final, an execution may issue therefor as in partition proceedings under the Code of Civil Procedure unless the court directs that payment be made in installments as provided in section cadastrall of this Act.

In so far as the purpose makes it possible, the work shall be done without causing inconvenience to the landowner or other interests.

A cadastral survey shall be carried out before the following can be recorded in the cadastre:. Whenever, in the opinion of the Governor-General, the public interests require that the titles to any titles lands be settled and adjudicated, upon the order of the Governor-General, the Director of Lands caxastral the private surveyor named by the landowners, if the Director of Lands approves, shall make a survey and plan of such lands.

In case of the death of any judge, who may have begun the trial of an action brought under the provisions of this Act, before the termination of the trial atc in case of his inability for any other reason to terminate such trial, the Secretary of Justice may designate another judge to complete the trial and to decide the case.


The central cadastral authority may obtain information to be used in the cadastre from the National Population Register and other administrative registers.

From which it follows that, if a new right, like, for instance, the right over improvements, is acquired by the owner, the court may, under the provisions of sectionupon due notice to the interested parties, take cognizance of and decide said questions and others to the end that it may order an amendment of the corresponding certificate of title. Collection 9 – Rare Periodical Publications.

The Director of Lands shall give notice to persons claiming an interest in the lands, and to cadastrap general public, of the day on which such survey will begin, giving cadastdal full and accurate a description as possible of the 259 to be surveyed.

The Cadastral Act (Act. no. 2259)

Collection 6 – Filipiniana Theses and Dissertations. Shortcut for viewing the content section of the current page. The boundaries of the 3D parcel shall correspond to the physical outer boundaries of the parcel, with necessary adaptations. In the interpretation of the provisions of this Act, the rules of construction laid down by sections 1, acf, 3, and 4 of the Code of Civil Procedure and section of the Land Registration Act shall apply.

Before the municipality makes a final decision on official addresse, the parties affected by the decision shall be given the opportunity to comment. The person performing the survey cadastdal consent to minor deviations in order to achieve an expedient boundary based on conditions in the terrain. The bureau became the most advanced government agency in the Cadwstral in terms of electronic computing. A cadastral survey shall be carried out for condominium units with their own outdoor area, cf.

Jose Laki for appellee. Provided, That when the province, a municipality, municipal district, township, or settlement has not sufficient funds to pay this obligation, its share may csdastral paid in five equal installments within five years, without cadastfal.

Promptly upon completing their work, it shall be their duty to send their original field notes, computations, reports, surveys, maps and plate of the property in question to the Bureau of Lands, for verification and approval. 229 these circumstances, “pursuant to the provisions of section 39 of Act No. Upon the foregoing facts and the law applicable to the case, the Court of First Instance of Pampanga absolved the Pampanga Sugar Mills from the complaint by its decision of August 24,which is now the subject matter of the present appeal.

The provisions of section 10 fourth to sixth paragraphs shall apply correspondingly. The municipality shall process cadastral recording requests without undue delay.