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Neighbor Bella has a tragedy and Edward delivers her baby. Before I could talk myself out of it, I fired off a quick reply. A Hope Renewed by hopesparkles http: It mainly consisted of a baked ham and watching cheesy old Christmas movies, but it had always held a soft spot in our hearts since the first year I moved in with him.

Autism; age gap; unconditional love.

He broke her heart on the night she had the biggest news to tell him. A girl’s gotta pay for college somehow, right? When she begins to develop feelings for her boss Edward Cullen will she be able to handle all his personal requests or will his domineering behavior cause her to run from her chance at true love. Tell your parents I said thanks for having Bella over tonight,” Charlie said as he slipped on his bomber jacket. Dank by Nadiakay reviews She wants a thrill and she finds it in the bad boy from across the tracks.


But she was there. Rated M for language.

I smiled at him, expecting him to move closer for his own hug, but he surprised me by shrugging and throwing his arm around Alice’s shoulders. He discovers that sometimes a simple good deed isn’t enough.

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Are either of them ready? Half an hour later, she’s gone – or so he thinks.

Hydraulic Level 5 by Gondolier. Carousel by jacndaniel reviews It’s prom night at Forks High.

Have Yourself a Sneaky Little Christmas, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

doses You are commenting using your WordPress. I hate you every bit as much as I once loved you. Chaos ensues, papers fly, and Cullen Enterprises is turned upside down. This is the struggle of a broken little girl growing into the woman she’s destined to be.

Candy Hearts and Red Roses by Aylah50 http: Just like real life. But in rescuing his Singer, Edward learns that he must live.

After a csndy minutes of sleepy silence and a few hundred lazy kisses to his delicious skin, I yawned and began to snuggle against him. Gelt are little chocolate coins. Unbeknownst to her, she never remembered applying for the position. Spy Games by Jenn reviews Powerful and successful, Isabella Swan held the world in the palm of her hand. Or does fate have other plans?

Aylah50 « TwiFanfictionRecs

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I didn’t want my resentment at being interrupted to make him think that I abd mean what I said. Or maybe it will be the best mistake she’s ever made. I hadn’t even bothered to bring them to California; most nights weren’t cold enough there to need them, and the ones that were usually had Edward wrapped around my body when I woke up. Sign Up for My Newsletter. Language and lots of it. Fight for her, or let sylah50 go. A birthday fic for Twilly.


I seem to remember quite a few weekends I spent with my head under the pillow whenever Mom and Dad were out of town. From This Day Forward by hopesparkles http: Episode by BoydBlog reviews Bella Swan is a writer that is on a trip of a lifetime.

The Confessions of the Overworked, Underpaid Peen by smmiskimen reviews You’ve heard of Edward’s pov, but what about Edward’s peen’s pov? Fly Away Home by LyricalKris reviews Because her own life was so devoid of it, Bella always wanted to protect sweetness and innocence in other people. I was beginning to think you forgot about me,” he purred sleepily into the rde.

Through the wall, we quickly heard the rustling of clothing and Emmett murmuring, “Mmm Little does he know, her goddaughter—who’s harbored a grudge for the better part of a decade—feels the same.

Trust, Loyalty, Commitment by belli reviews Bella, Director of her church’s Afterschool Program, has been faithful to her commitment to remain a virgin until she is married.

Then the gloves come off.