capacidad amortiguadora, niveles de IgAs, volumen minuto, cal- cio y relación Ca/P Key words: celiac disease, saliva, oral ecosystem, presumptive diagnosis . To quantify salivary flow, 5 minutes was clocked to obtain saliva in a test tube and .. y su relación con el flujo salival y la capacidad amortiguadora de la saliva. Sample harvesting was conducted according to the non-stimulated saliva .. 9: Téllez M. pH Salival y su capacidad amortiguadora como factor de riesgo de.

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Ageing produces many biological, chemical and physiological changes that may contribute to modifying salivary characteristics 9 Estudio de las cepas de estreptococos del grupo mutans presentes en binomios madre-hijo. We did not use any sampling approach. From the standpoint of dentistry, the most important functions of saliva in preventing caries are its rinsing and buffering effects, in addition to moderating the demineralization and remineralization processes by supplying a constant source of calcium and phosphates.

History of frequent gum chewing is associated with higher unstimulated salivary flow rate and lower caries severity in healthy Chinese adults. Table 1 also shows that only a relatively small percentage was free of chronic diseases Todas las variables fueron categorizadas teniendo en cuenta criterios previamente establecidos en la literatura 19 y que consideran las condiciones que predisponen a un individuo a enfermedades bucales como la gingivitis y la caries dental.

Based on these exploratory data, we suggest that the three salivary characteristics salivary flow rate, pH and buffering capacity studied in this group of Mexican elderly subjects varied in relation to selected socio-economic, clinical, and behavioural variables. To obtain the stimulated salivary flow, we followed standard procedures Copyright Material printed in the West Indian Medical Journal is covered by copyright and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the Editor.


Salivary parameters and teeth erosions in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease. This situation was replicated with respect to age, marital status, schooling, whether or not social security was received, the type of retirement home, having received radiation therapy, tobacco or soft drinks consumption, or the presence of chronic diseases.

The type of retirement home had significant differences: Cariogram-a multifactorial risk assessment model for a multifactorial disease. The cause and the effect were measured at the same time.

capacidad buffer de la saliva pdf to jpg

Most of them were women Periodontal health and adverse pregnancy outcome in 3, turkish women. The exact mechanism by which health and socio-economic status are associated is not very clear, because this variable is a multidimensional construct J Turkish-German Gynecol Assoc. We conducted a cross-sectional study in elderly individuals, 60 years old and older, who were living amortiguuadora two retirement homes or attending a day care group of elderly people lw independently.

Los recuentos de S. Acute short-term mental stress does not influence salivary flow rate dynamics.

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Quintessence Publishing Company; Scand J Dent Res. Dietary effects on dental diseases. Conclusions Changes occurring in the saliva of pregnant women can lead to an increase amortiguadorz risk of suffering disease affecting one’s oral health, such as caries, gingivitis and periodontal disease; this could be prevented by appropriate diagnosis and dental follow-up, including education regarding pregnant women’s oral health.

Lenander-Lumikari M, Loimaranta V. A number of studies that focussed on salivary flow evaluation revealed wide variations between individuals from different origins. Working group 10 of the commission on oral health, research and epidemiology CORE.

In contrast, stimulated saliva is primarily involved in washing off food debris and ammortiguadora agents 3.

Mean chewing-stimulated salivary flow for participants was 0.

Capqcidad features are useful as adjuncts in the diagnosis of various oral and systemic diseases and therefore the information has clinical value from a dental practice perspective The term saliva usually refers to the hypotonic fluid secreted by the salivary glands, but it is also used to represent the combination of all oral fluids.


West Indian Med J. Most of the subjects included were women In a study conducted in Japan 17they observed that a greater number of teeth in the mouth was directly associated with salivary flow. However, they were consistent with other studies concerning buffer capacity.

Socio-economic, sociodemographic, and clinical variables associated with root caries in a group of persons age 60 years and older in Mexico.


Table 1 shows the descriptive results of the sample. Pregnancy, saliva, Streptococcus mutansLactobacillus source: How to cite this article. Internal codifying factors involved in dental caries. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Our results are consistent with both studies. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Relationship between bite force and salivary flow amortiguasora older adults.

The present exploratory analysis is a part of a project that measured various indicators of oral health in the elderly.

Buffer capacity, elderly, pH, saliva, salivary flow. Conversely, elders living in private retirement home presumably with higher socio-economic background, a reasonable assumption for the location in which the study was conducted showed higher pH readings and buffer capacity that those capxcidad the public retirement home. A trained and standardized examiner obtained the oral clinical variables. Its role in health and disease. Age had no significant difference but we could observe a slight trend in pH values: Rev Esp Enferm Dig.