CD Datasheet PDF Download – (MCB) 3 Digit BCD Counter, CD data sheet. ON CD datasheet, (MCB) 3 Digit BCD Counter (1-page), CD datasheet, CD pdf, CD datasheet pdf, CD pinouts. ON CD datasheet, (MCB) 3 Digit BCD Counter (9-page), CD datasheet, CD pdf, CD datasheet pdf, CD pinouts.

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CD Counter IC – CD 3-Digit BCD Counter IC – Robomart

Here are the details of those LEDs datasheet is attached in my first post: All outputs are TTL compatible. Apr 8, 2. Multiplexing has several functions, a big one is to reduce the number of wires carrying the information for a display. Here is the link of PIC16F The common Anode or common Cathode ones? I searched and found some ICs that can be used, please advice me which one can be used, if anyone can give a circuit that would he very helpful.

datasheet for CD & CD | Electronics Forum (Circuits, Projects and Microcontrollers)

The replacement series is PIC16F88x. It is a little after the smoke has datashest, but have you read this? The requirements may have changed; you will need to look in the demos for the software suite that you download.


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P D Power Dissipation. Apr 9, 7. Unused inputs must always be tied to an appropriate logic voltage level e.

If you are going to want to use the MikroC demo program for the 4 digit dattasheet, you should look in the source code first to determine which PIC they used. Apr 9, 5.

There may be a similar demo program in MikroC; I don’t know as I have not downloaded it. SgtWookie Sorry, I downloaded and installed mikroC, but cannot find 4-digit 7-segment display in example folder.

CD4553 – 3 Digit BCD Counter

This device is used in instrumentation counters, clock displays, digital panel meters, and as a building block for general logic applications. Apr 18, Any links I can check for that.

Take a look at using a CD with a CD Apr 8, 1. This device contains protection circuitry to guard against damage due to high.


The osmotic pressure difference between fresh water and seawater boundaries is being utilized to generate energy. Apr 9, 4. I’d downloaded MikroBasic awhile back. In that way I can datsaheet through the starting of programming.

Radio Shack is not a great parts source. Feb 14, The information is then time division multiplexed, providing one BCD number or digit at a time. A quad latch at the output of each counter permits storage of any given count. No, create an account now.

I out Output Current. Apr 10, 9. SgtWookie You are right, it may be because of the current limiting resistor. So not able to calculate correct value of resistor I saw one of your post about the resistor value calculation. T A Ambient Temperature Range.