CE – PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES L T P C 3 0 0 3 UNIT I INTRODUCTION 9. CE Prefabricated Structure. Anna University Seventh Semester (4th year) Question Papers Collection (Regulation ). Semester: PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES. UCTION IV YEAR/VII SEMESTER PART- A prefabrication. The term prefab can apply to any.

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The project work shall consist of substantial multidisciplinary component The students will carry out a project in one of the following civil engineering areas but with substantial multidisciplinary component involving Architecture, Mechanical engg. Planning, scheduling and resource assigning in the interior design of hotel management by using primavera.

The Institution has the merit of ISO To study the co-ordinate measurements by GPS and traversing by Total station. Cement — grades —types — properties —uses. Status of the Institution: The students will be able to narrate their experiences in Past Tense. Under Graduate Post Graduate Beyond the working hours the students are permitted to access the library resources.

To introduce the basic architectural principles in functional planning 3. The following table gives details of the management scholarship provided during the last four years.

Track and Field 9. Students We receive the feedbacks of the students about the overall performance and quality of the institution through the following ways. This fund is also utilized to enhance the research and consultancy activities. To enable the students to elementary conversational skills.


Katakana script and related vocabulary. D Viva Voce Details S.

To study prefabticated analysis of various spatial and non-spatial data in GIS 4. The women development cell is monitored by two faculty members as coordinators and other women employees and girl students as members. Gears terminology, spur, helical and bevel gears, gear trains. Measurement of Total Dissolved salts 3. To provide exposure to rate analysis 3. To study the performance of Pelton wheel and Francis turbines.

Sturctures – center of gravity — problems in symmetrical sections only I, T and channel sections. Programmes are planned and scheduled in consultation with the Panchayat Board President. The Institution has experienced faculty members in all the departments who are experts in different areas and pursuing the research. Biceps, seated rowing machine — 90 Kgs 5.

It is a recognized minority institution?

Also they can get the guidance from the faculty members of any department. Seven members have completed Ph. To train in use of standard software packages for analysis. Special care and attention are given to those students for their comfortable study. The Institution takes various steps through NSS and other club activities to promote institution — neighbourhood community network.

To enable students access information on the internet 2.

Simple chain survey — pdefabricated of area using cross staff. Family relationships and colours. Each department is provided with laptop for multimedia presentation. General introduction – Financial implications of hydropower plants Public Private Partnership in Hydropower projects.

This process includes university theory, practical examination and project viva voce. Estimation of Chlorides The college provides academic flexibility to the students by extending options to choose elective subjects of their own interest and attend various value added courses related to their branches.



There will be two reviews. To study the various maps projection and co-ordinate systems. The teaching loads are adjusted and reduced whenever it is necessary. Calculation of lattice cell parameters — X-ray diffraction 8.

SSR Cycle 1 – Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology

Proficiency in the language will be an added asset for the students to have an edge in the present day highly competitive and prerabricated job prrefabricated. To impart knowledge about optimization and design principles. Embedded system Technologies B. A student-centric learning process is espoused as prescribed by the University and eminent scholars from various fields are also invited to deliver lectures. To understand the behavior of moment resistant frames, shear walls and wall — frame structures.

Hence all the department faculty and students can utilize the softwares from their laboratory since all computers in the college are connected through LAN. Guidance Programme Resource Persons Mr.