Poor Charlie’s Almanack is a collection of speeches and talks by Charlie Munger, compiled by Peter D. Kaufman. First published in (ISBN ). Poor Charlie\ almanack: rhc \\It:tnd “”dom of Charles T.\Iunger I edited b’ .. well, all thanks to the wit, wisdom, speeches, and writings of Charlie Munger-this. 30 Jul Summary “Poor Charlie’s Almanac” book. by Charlie Munger, life-long partner of Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway. Book is kinda big,

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Munger would patiently sit on tens of millions of dollars for months or years, waiting for the right opportunity to come along. I really appreciate this book and that Munger took this effort to create a book because it provides a number of really valuable insights about people and business. Thinks about anything as something a part of the bigger ecosystem.

Munger by Charles T. Restrict yourself to your own garden, almznac in the present moment, lower your expectations, charliee yourself with the love of friends and family and you will be happy.

Every page a treat with an avuncular and wise friend. You’d be amazed at how much Warren reads–and at how much I read. Once you’d punched through the card, you couldn’t make any more investments at all. I will value the rudiments of my aggregate of knowledge.

Colorful Charlie as Warren describes him speaks his mind and at some places comes out pretty strong which I liked especially.

Much the modern Ben Franklin. The first part consists of Munger’s life stories, as well as what close friends and family say about Munger. The book concludes with a longer text weaving together Mr. Need passionate interest in why things are happening. Munger’s exposition is great for beginners.


Poor Charlie’s Almanack Quotes

View all 3 comments. HardcoverExpanded Second Editionpages. You need different check lists for different companies. His approach of mnger the best mental models from all disciplines applies to anyone. Book is kinda big, pages. Don’t follow like sheep without knowing where or why. Charlie’s life has been described in the prior part of the book with various stories from him about his childhood, his marriage, his lost son to leukemia and many more.

Then go for Poor Charlie’s Almanack. The book is long at page, and can be redundant at times, but that is unavoidable due to the large scope of the book and the format being letters, speeches, interviews, etc.

Things that stood out to me from Charlie Munger: This isn’t just a self help book, this is also a great business book with lessons you won’t learn in school. Refresh and try again. Ultimately, this is a book about how one of the most successful investors in history has structured his way of thinking.

Their approach to investing is interesting, because they understand that each decision takes a lot of work to get right. You mnuger looking for misplace gamble. Otherwise it is meaningless.

Options cannot have no cost. It is not easy, but analyse step by step with curious persistence.

Biography Married 2 times, 4 children. Basically, you attain the major ideas of the big disciplines, the more disciplines you have the wider your perspective is, therefore the more objective you are towards problems. A reference to Franklin’s Poor Almnac Almanac.

Poor Charlie’s Almanack – Wikipedia

It will kunger you develop a multidisciplinary mental model approach needed to solve problems using different perspectives from different disciplines. Charlie came along and introduced another type which is akin to the foregoing concept, except with a more ironclad adherence to the buy and hold, and almost never sell. Charlie Munger is the “silent” partner to Warren Buffet, and after reading both authors’ books about money, economics, and business acumen – I find Charlie Munger far more engaging.


Anyways, you can read about there successes in relation to business in many books. Buy when everybody fears. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable charlif.

Summary “Poor Charlie’s Almanac” book – Victor Osyka – Medium

More important than I. He’s a wise, straightforward man, but not that good of a writer. Munger admires most highly Ben Franklin – an ideal to Munger. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dec 25, Seth rated it liked it. Have a sense of humor. When you find something that really matters, go all in. This book brings together his investing thoughts beyond his famous [ citation needed ] statement “I have nothing to add. So for all who love mental models, frameworks and behavioral phenomenons in general.

Bill Gates on Munger: Views Read Edit View history. Charlie c Charlie Munger is a world-renowned business magnate, along with his more prolific partner, Warren Buffet. The design is good, with lots of i This is a compilation almannac Munger’s addresses, comments at investors’ meetings, and personal comments from friends, business associates, and his family, interlarded with quotations Charlie used from ancients and moderns extracted from over two thousand years of wisdom and errors.

But you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts. We tend, as human beings, to be rathe I had no idea how much I would love this book.