SKU: CONCISE YO. translated by Swami Venkateshananda with and Introduction and Bibliography by Christopher Chapple. The Concise Yoga Vasistha is a. Translated by Swami Venkatesananda. Published by State University of New York Press. pages. The Yoga Vasishta, attributed to Valmiki, the author of the . Yoga Vasistha is a philosophical text attributed to Valmiki, although the real author is unknown. .. The Concise Yoga Vāsiṣṭha. Albany: State University of New.

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Swami Venkatesananda continues the long tradition of elaborating on and clarifying the teachings of the sage Vasistha.

The Concise Yoga Vasistha

The Yoga Vasistha is a syncretic work, containing elements of VedantaYogaSamkhyaSaiva SiddhantaJainism and Mahayana Buddhismthus making it, according to Chapple, “a Hindu text par excellenceincluding, as does Hinduism, a mosaic-style amalgam of diverse and sometimes opposing traditions”. Open Preview See a Problem? I get the immediate fruit of my labor in proportion to my exertion, hence I say, I enjoy the fruit of my labor and not of fortune.

Martyrdom and the Politics of Religion. The first work, states Mainkar, was the original ancient work of Vasistha that was an Upanishad with Brahamanical ideas, a work that is lost.

The Concise Yoga Vasistha

Ayurveda Dhanurveda Natya Shastra Sthapatyaveda. But to the person who has A difficult read, but this book has changed my life. Yoga Vasistha teachings are divided into six parts: Rigveda Yajurveda Samaveda Atharvaveda.


The Story of Suraghu. Supreme Yoga Limited preview – The Story of Suka.

Academic Paul Deussen Daniel H. Emma rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Page vii – Shiva, the independent and pure Self that always vibrates in the mind, is the Parashakti that rises as joy in various sense experiences.

The Concise Yoga Vasistha – Google Books

Jenna rated it liked it Apr 18, It consists of numerous short stories and fasistha used to help illustrate its ideas and message. Corless rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Activity gives us success and it is this that elevates the intelligent. Almost every verse is full of finest poetical imagery; the choice of words is exceedingly pleasing to the ear.

Theological Reflections on the Problem of Usury.

This world is not seen by the ignorant and the wise in the same light. The long version of the text is called Brihat Yoga Vasisthawherein Brihat means “great or large”.

Paul rated it it was amazing Sep 23, The name Vasistha in the title of the text refers to Rishi Vasistha. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Views Read Edit View history.

Contents The Story of Suka. Preface Introduction Section One: I would like to read a bit in this book, how do I actually get to download? Return to Book Page. Thinking through the Death of God. Books by Swami Venkatesananda. Peter Thomi has published additional evidence in support Mainkar’s theory on Yoga Vasistha’s chronology. The text consists of six books.


For the specialist, this book makes available a handy guide to the or The Concise Yoga Vasistha provides a clear, provocative summary of one of the leading texts of Hinduism.

Satyamurthy rated it it was amazing Mar 16, He visited Sivananda Ashram and was told that Swami Sivananda was resting and he wouldn’t be able to meet him. The full editions contain over 29, [2] to a few with 32, verses, [3] and in some editions about 36, verses. The Story of the Hunter and the Sage.

Concise Yoga Vasistha, The

The short version of the text is called Laghu Yoga Yobawherein Laghu means “short or small”. Liberation is freedom from every kind of physical, psychological and psychic distress. Samhita Brahmana Aranyaka Upanishad. This is the long and short of all the Shastrasthat diligence preserves our minds from all evils, by employing them to whatever is good and right.