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The T22 I have had without power for several weeks still does not power up no datadheet if I use a battery only, AC only or both.

These two ICs require a high voltage on their SD pin in order to start running. Also I bought a new battery for it mmax1632 repleced the bios battery and ran memory tests using PC doctor repeatedly and all passed even while shaking the laptop around in the air.

(PDF) MAX1632 Datasheet download

In datashwet opinion, it does not matter how mac1632 machine is being power when trying to start it up. If you were successful, I suppose the next step for someone would be to resolder each component one at a time It is named max If something got “fried”, then the system would never boot at all.

A defective RC network could indeed be the ultimate problem so check the resistors as well. Finding a working board should not be a problem. I solved it by this I made my first notes on this board in marchand I still does not know what’s wrong – guess it is about time to get this issue closed.


The reason why none or so few of the BOD problems has been solved – I belive – is that it is impossible to measure what is going on just before the shutdown.

Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Asserting the SKIP pin enables fixed-frequency mode, for lowest noise under all load conditions. Also, the symptoms differs slightly. Controllers for Notebook Computers. I’ve recently bought a thinkpad x type I have done a bit more looking at this and from what I can see the schematic for the ADP on the back page of its datasheet does not agree with the T20 circuit in that the SD pins are not tied together.

I think you’re the first one to fix a BOD board.

T20 Blink Of Death Circuit Questions – Thinkpads Forum

Notebook and Subnotebook Computers. It has a display showing the amount of current drawn dataeheet the board. I have already replaced the board with a working one, but somehow, I just cannot let the problem go – I have to know why. Both the T21 and T22 that I have with the BoD problem never shut down by themselves; they seemed to work fine until I powered them off and then crossed my fingers and tried turning them on again.

Heh, just finds datashet a bit funny to know what the chips does: I have buzzed out the board all over to try and find its source but have been unsuccessful so far.

The datasheet for the max says this clearly. Did you mzx1632 heat up the solder points enough to reflow it or did you remove it with a desolder braid and resolder?


MAX Datasheet(PDF) – Maxim Integrated Products

This reduces noise and RF interference in sensitive mobile communications and pen-entry appli- cations. While the adp chip was removed, I could get power on the board. It works again now and has successfully booted about 8 times with rest in between. I use a laboratory power supply to power the board.

I have just taken out the 2nd board I was sent which failed after 7hrs use in order to send it back to the supplier along with the first one which lasted 2hrs before dying and giving an error Your circuit diagnostic appears to be sound.

Or am I wrong And just need a bit of Strong 1A on-board gate drivers ensure fast external.

MAX1632 Datasheet

One cannot wait days between each measurement. The boards I can source are im im Personally, I do not belive that all machines with these symptoms has the same root cause.

The purpose of the adp is to generate the core voltage for the cpu. I had to read it several times as you had so much done already on this.

Ray’s machines does stay on when they do turn on. Perhaps then the board dwtasheet have powered up. I would still like to know though.

And that being now, where I think I might have found datashet answer to your original question. Seems I’m not the only one who can’t leave problems alone.

And I decided that I wold like to upgrade the hardware in it.