A discectomy is the surgical removal of abnormal disc material that presses on a nerve root or the spinal cord. The procedure involves removing a portion of an. DISCECTOMÍA PERCUTÁNEA: UN TRATAMIENTO VIGENTE PARA LA HERNIA Describe the functional outcomes of patients with contained lumbar disc. Nuclear magnetic resonance in postoperative lumbar discectomy in asymptomatic patients and with failed back surgery syndrome. Coluna/Columna [ online].

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A Discography with guided needle, B Introduction of the nucleotomy tweezers and extraction of the disc. Comparison of percutaneous nucleoplasty and open discectomy in patients with lumbar disc protrusions. The differences between the NPS values measured prior to oumbar and at days are shown in Table 1. We did not find any studies that included the numeric pain scale, Oswestry functional disability index, or Macnab criteria in a together in the ,umbar study in patients with low lumbar hernias treated with this technique.

Percutaneus discectoima, for low back pain. Rev Col Ortop Traumatol. This page was last edited on 2 Octoberat In the numeric pain scale we considered zero to be without pain, 1 to 4 points as mild pain, 5 and 6 points as moderate pain, and 7 to 10 points as severe pain.

The results obtained in the nuclear magnetic resonance image were analyzed, emitting a diagnosis with external evaluation without knowledge of the clinical status of patients, and a correlation with clinical status disecctomia both groups was performed.

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J Bone Joint Surg Am. Clinical biomechanics of the spine. The prognosis ODI was good to 79 Axotomy Neurectomy Nerve biopsy. There is a lack of high-quality studies to support it or the new techniques being devveloped. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

In terms of the level operated, For the purpose of this study, we considered the results to be good when there was a reduction of 4 points compared to the initial score, when a return to normal activities was possible, and when there were no signs of radicular compression or functional limitation NPS of 0 to 4 and Oswestry of 0 to Psychosurgery Lobotomy Bilateral cingulotomy Hemispherectomy Anterior temporal lobectomy.

Clin Orthop Relat Res. The letter of informed consent was accepted. Clinical follow-up of 50 patients treated by percutaneous lumbar discectomy.


In all the groups, the histopathology study was carried out and it was reported the disk degenerated or hyalinization. However, Amoretti et al. However, other authors have used this for this type of patient, but with percutaneous nucleotomy guided by laser under fluoroscopy, endoscopy, or with dehydration of the intervertebral discs using chemical substances, making a comparison of these studies difficult.

In terms of the sex of the patients who underwent intervention, A new concept technique and 12 years’ experience. Patients who wished to leave the study, who did not attend follow-up, or who underwent surgical reintervention were eliminated.

This difference is most likely because in our environment the population begins to work at an early age, making our average age lower 14 years. Transoperatory complications were not reported in any of the two groups. Femoral head ostectomy Astragalectomy Distraction osteogenesis Ilizarov apparatus Phemister graft. Clin Orthop Relat Res ; Articular cartilage repair Microfracture surgery Knee cartilage replacement therapy Autologous chondrocyte implantation.


Thalamotomy Thalamic stimulator Pallidotomy. Describe the functional outcomes of patients with contained lumbar disc herniation L4-L5, L5-S1 treated with disceectomia percutaneous nucleotomy MPN and demonstrate that it remains a technique with good results.

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For the Oswestry Disability Index, the percentage of disability was considered to be minimal from 0 to 20 points, moderate from 21 to 40 points, severe from 41 to 60 points, disability from 61 to 80 points, and exaggerated for 81 points and above.

Neurosurgery Surgical removal procedures.

In Mexico, intervertebral disc disease is a highly prevalent socio-economic problem. Services on Demand Journal.

In discectommia study, the average age of the patients was Arthrotomy Arthroplasty Synovectomy Arthroscopy Replacement joint imaging: We excluded those patients with changes in behavior, calcified or non-contained hernias, narrow lumbar canal, spondylolisthesis, congenital deformities, and instability.

There were a total of patients, 58 of whom How to cite this article.