Doing it Right: The Fundamentals of Better Diving [Jarrod Jablonski] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Fundamentals of Better Diving. Hey, Has anyone read this book (by Jarrod Jablonski)? I’m thinking of buying it but want to hear some feedback (Amazon has none yet). thanks. Doing It Right has 29 ratings and 3 reviews. Scot said: There is no question that there are some great strengths to the DIR system of diving and this boo.

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Solo diving is carried out fundametnals recreational depths with more flexible dive objectives—photography, exploring, hunting. In my opinion top notch ideas, execution, and real life useage. Matt Studley rated it really liked it Jun 15, Trivia About Doing It Right: It could be useful for recreation divers who are thinking about mastering their skills. Jun 14, Jeka Golovachev rated it it was amazing.

Doing It Right: The Fundamentals of Better Diving – PDF

Though getting it from amazon took forever. While a transition to DIR is beneficial, the incomplete shift to DIR techniques results in wasted time, unnecessary effort, and reduced diving fun.

Netting around cylinders can catch on obstructions. The recommended configurations are claimed to be optimised for both comfort and efficiency. Good review of diving fundamentals. Archived from the original on 18 January Tom rated it really liked it Oct 24, I’m going to hold off on the book and wait for the movie. Stiff bladed fins with spring straps replacing the original plastic buckles and rubber straps are recommended. Spring loading of the valve knob can also absorb impact loads, but only from some directions.

Part of this is due to sub-optimal public relations by some leaders and followers of the movement. Most diver djving agencies will train divers as young as 12, [] and some as young as 10 or even 8 for fundamentaos diving.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Training of fundamental skills by a suitably competent professional educator is recommended as the most effective route to gaining experience safely, however this is not a substitute for time spent in the water practicing and using the skills, as this produces the familiarity and comfort of repetitive exposure, [10] eventually allowing the diver to perform the skills with minimised stress and delay, even in difficult circumstances.


ScubarooDec 8, The back plate is a rigid plate with minimal padding [36] bent from flat stainless steel [37] or aluminum [38] plate and slotted for straps, or formed from other materials with similar rigidity characteristics.

The storage position for backup lights is clipped to the chest D-rings and held against the harness by rubber bands, where they are tucked away and unlikely to snag, but remain easily accessible to both hands, and can be turned on before unclipping, so they can be easily found if dropped.

Such planning is rendered pointless if it is not adhered to. CheeseWhizDec 8, It doig together a lot of information fundamentale presents it is a pretty basic way. DIR divers have an extended range of hand signals, some particularly relevant to overhead and decompression diving.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Doing It Right, The Fundamentals of Better Diving – Deepstop GmbH

Katryna rated it liked it Nov 28, Redundancy in equipment is necessary in main life-support systems. It is the result of training and familiarity with the demands of the various environments.

Another theory for scuba training. The DIR rig is carefully weighted to ensure that the diver is not overweight but is able to maintain accurate depth and trim at any decompression stop. In this context, streamlining includes the aspect of reducing hydrodynamic drag when swimming, but more importantly, the reduction of entanglement and entrapment hazards due to equipment components to a minimum.

Familiarity and comfort with equipment are considered important, as the diver should be able to perform necessary procedures quickly and effectively both for efficiency in normal fundaemntals, and for safety in emergencies, where any delay can increase the risk of escalation.


Evans rated it it was amazing Dec 29, Skill levels should be appropriate to the environment, planned dive profile and tasks. Barrel sealed manifolds with two O-rings in parallel are more tolerant of minor misalignment and varied centre distance than face-sealed manifolds with single O-ring seals which are more likely to leak if impacted. However, there is nothing essentially hostile or critical about DIR; in its most basic form, funddamentals is ultimately pragmatic, fundamdntals the concept of uniformity within and among teams of divers.

DIR divers must be completely dedicated to the buddy system, primarily in rigt interest of safety, but also because failure to follow the expected procedures is likely to compromise the dive plan. Scooter tow lanyards run from the scooter handles and clip on to the front crotch strap D-ring when in use, to pull the diver by the D-ring, taking most of the load off the arms, and allowing control with one hand. Others are strongly disputed, and may funsamentals robust evidence for the claims, or may be defended by inconsistent logic.

The choice of materials is determined by the operational needs of the diver and the environment.

Doing It Right, The Fundamentals of Better Diving

Some models make it more difficult to reach the valve, and some can increase the diver’s profile. You can make this box go away Joining is quick and easy. Retrieved 6 November Recreational diving is a very popular sport, with more than 25 million certifications issued by PADI alone.

Nikolay Manchev rated it it was amazing Nov 24, DIR proponents believe that the most important piece of dive equipment is the diver, followed by the team, and the interactions between the team members.