“Dr. Ira Byock was one of the earliest voices calling for crucial change in the way we treat the dying. On the 20th anniversary of Dying Well, we find ourselves. 5 Apr Author and palliative care physician Ira Byock thinks so. audio player above for a longer discussion on the art of dying well, and living fully. A palliative care physician, Ira Byock regularly lectures doctors and nurses about enlightened end-of-life care. He teaches patients and caregivers about the.

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This book really got me thinking. Something I didn’t know is that a person can wear a bracelet stating that they do not want CPR if they have a heart attack. Byock is a leader in the hospice movement and an experienced frontline physician, and he focuses on the continuous aspect of dying rather than the dykng of death.

Dying Well

Byock illustrates his points about the dying process through poignant stories about dealing with patients and their families through the end stage process. Read it Forward Read it first.

Intoo many Americans were dying in hospitals, often in pain, often alone. From his years as a hospice director, Dr. Byock believes that the possibility for us all to die well is just around the corner: The message of this book reinforces that way of thinking.

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Is there such a thing as ‘dying well’?

What a joy to know I am not my own, but belong in life and in death to a dyying and reigning Jesus. I mean, you know, I used to practice emergency medicine for many years and I am still deeply enamored with the unprecedented power of medical science and technology byoc fight disease and to cure many conditions and to extend our lives. The author is a pioneer in the field of community-wide hospice.

His words were an inspiration to me then, a hospice physician seeking a mentor for my new role tending to both life and death for my patients. Must be age Lists with This Book.

Shortness of breath can be relieved by liquid morphine.

Byock criticizes the current American culture that forestalls death at any cost and too often ignores that dying is part of the human experience. Ultimately, this book was incredibly healing for me as a person going through these types of experiences. In our hearts, we all realize that we are not going to live forever.

In this book, he describes mult I’ve recently been looking up a lot of books on death and dying. Jun 24, Erich rated it liked it. The fact is, however, that most of us will experience significant decline during the years or months or weeks before we die.

Trust byovk, I’m not being depressing when I read hospice books. Death by dehydration is not painful if the lips, mouth and throat are kept boyck.

It opened my eyes to a world of palliative care and hospice-programs that I really didn’t know existed. This powerful book about his work and wisdom reveals what it means to die well.


Byock explains how different people die. Bock term palliative care is more general and includes taking care of people with long term diabilities that a The author, Ira Byock, is a doctor in Montana specializing in helping dying patients. Yet, even today, too many people are dying badly!

Dying Well by Ira Byock

And, what would be left undone if you suddenly became more ill? Nov 23, Caroline rated it really liked it. Jul 09, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is written by the byoco renowned clinician in the end-of-life care we,l.

In his experience, emotional pain is more intense and requires more skillful intervention. Can you forgive the dying loved one, or somebody else in your family? How that is accomplished is unique to each person, but there are common principles that should help anyone who is trying to assist their loved one travel from this life to the next. Ira Byock narrates the end-of-life stories of several patients in his hospice-program.