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Other than the narrator, I never full connected with or cared much about the characters and even the narrator I wasn’t that much into.

View all 4 comments. I also completely acknowledge that this is no doubt a well crafted book. Belbo is extremely careful to not try to create literaturebecause he deems himself unworthy, although it becomes somewhat obvious that writing is his passion. Some believe that it refers to Michel Foucault[3] noting Eco’s friendship with the French philosopher, [4] but the author “specifically rejects any intentional reference to Michel Foucault” [5] —this is regarded as one of his subtle literary jokes.

Casaubon escapes the museum through the Paris sewers, eventually fleeing to the countryside villa where Belbo had grown up. My patience wore thinner and thinner as Eco name-checked his way across all of European history and added absolutely nothing to the story. Aside fr Quite disappointing– Hearing and reading only good things about this book, I had really high expectations for it, thinking it would be better than Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

Garamond, Colonel Ardenti and many of the Diabolical authors. So, the book offers a very weak, uneven story that suffers from too much information, too many irrelevant narrative lines, and an unsatisfying ending. On his return to Milan, Casaubon begins working as a freelance researcher.

Dan Brown at least knew how to tell a story – I really couldn’t put the book down the whole time. Unfortunately it takes nearly pages to get to the plot, and then it doesn’t actually get interesting until about page Casaubon and Amparo also attend an occult event in Brazil, an Umbanda rite.

I like my history books to read like stories; this is a novel that reads like a history textbook. This was almost almost there – it certainly has codes and clues, but it completely lacked the pace and suspense I’d been hoping for. But while questioning the solidity of such superstitious notions, Eco also questions the stark arrogance that the ‘real world’ professes in its convictions about reality.


I think I did not read it, until when I am fully acquainted with the controversy associated with the Templar that I c Finally, I am done with it. However, I read it until the last pages. Garamond also owns Manuzio, a vanity publisher that charges incompetent authors large sums of money to print their work rendered “Manutius” in the English translation, a reference to the 15th century printer Aldus Manutius.

I’ve previously read two of Eco’s books, his superb The Name of the Rose and the nearly equally fantastic The Island of the Day Before so I honestly didn’t think that Foucault’s Pendulum would be as much of a headache to wade through as it was, but whether because I just picked it up at the wrong time or simply don’t know enough about the subject matter, I submit that the book has me beat Douglas Roberts I’m pretty sure it’s a joke at the expense of the hermetic characters the publishers spend much of their time with, as when it’s first used it’s about …more I’m pretty sure it’s a joke at the expense of the hermetic characters the publishers spend much of their time with, as when it’s first used it’s about how they literally all have a certain look about them Lorenza says “professional sorcerers with faces exactly like professional sorcerers”, then describes them.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. He frames Belbo as a terrorist suspect in order to force him to come to Paris.

Il pendolo di Foucault by Umberto Eco (2 star ratings)

Si no es el caso, no puedo recomendar a nadie que ik este libro entre sus manos. I thought Eco is a French, but learned afterwards that he is an Italian. Ardenti’s disappearance, and his original “coded manuscript”, seem to have no other explanation. Casaubon jokingly suggests that to create something truly new Belbo must look for occult connections in non-obvious contexts, such as by linking the Kabbalah to a car’s spark plugs.

This article is in a list lendolo that may be better presented using efo. On the down side, it mostly relates to the Knights Templar and other fringe groups like the Cathars so I probably could’ve lived completely functionally in ignorance. Will this book pick up? Me irrita que parezca el principal objetivo de la novela por encima de la trama y de la narrativa.


The pace didn’t pick up, not enough to make it a read I enjoyed. In Foucault’s Pendulum I wrote the grotesque representation of these kind of people. At some point when I have a week to devote purely to dissecting its knowledge. Eso los masculinos, claro. The crucial instruments involved in their plan are a special map and sco Foucault pendulumwhich is used to show the location of the focal point of the world’s currents. Garamond soon has the idea to begin two lines voucault occult books: Casaubon had been a student in s Milanworking on a thesis on the history of the Knights Templar while taking part in the revolutionary and counter-revolutionary activities of the students around him.

I know there are many who would disagree with my opinions here, after all it’s considered a modern classic. Foucault’s Pendulum in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

I liked the story of three book editors accidentally enmeshing themselves in the world of conspiracy theory. Eco’s novel predated foucalut Da Vinci phenomenon by more than a decade, but both novels are concerned with the Knights Templar, complex conspiracies, secret codes, and even a chase around the monuments of Paris.

This article’s plot summary may prndolo too long or excessively detailed. At the meeting Belbo was reminded of the Colonel’s conspiracy theory by the words of a young woman who was apparently in a trance.


Casaubon also meets Belbo’s colleague Diotallevi, a cabalist. She encourages Casaubon to abandon the game as she fears it is having a negative effect on him, and that their Plan is “a bad joke” that too many people will believe in.

It’s obvious from the story. Yeah, so I didn’t like this book.