Place your order for Gladiator Body Workout and start combining bodyweight and dumbbell exercises for Of A Modern Day Gladiator! Coach Eddie Lomax. Gladiator Body WorkoutAs you can see, BOTH bodyweight exercise and dumbbell exercise are excellent choices for reaching your fitness, fat loss and physique. Here are 10 really quick and intense bodyweight training methods beginners an interview with the creator of Gladiator Body Workout, Coach Eddie Lomax.

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But to truly be fit you must be able to USE the abilities of fitness in an fluid, seamless and coordinated fashion under the greatest amount of circumstances. Some of my favorite forms of cardio are shadowboxing, jump roping, and sprint intervals. It is the best, fastest, and easiest way to build your muscles, get rid of unwanted fat, and get a body that performs one hundred percent. As you can see, BOTH bodyweight exercise and dumbbell exercise are excellent choices for reaching your fitness, fat loss and physique building goals.

But this much is true, any coach or trainer worth listening to knows these truths! Related Ads Indeed, coconut oil has been utilized to develop ketone levels in individuals with Alzheimer’s ailme.

Eddie Lomax videos – dailymotion

Until now, whenever he reads resources on training and bodybuilding, he sees the same recommendations that got him in bladiator before. Gladiator Body Workout U.

Using dumbbells for unilateral training one-limb trainingis more effective for burning fat than the two-limb versions of the same exercise. You can perform circuit training with virtually any exercise out there. Workout Without Weights by Eddie Lomax. Simply choose a short time frame — such as 30 seconds, and choose a bodyweight exercise. This is not the case with supersets.


That’s not because you are incapable of achieving a great body, but because you’ve been trying the same ineffective workouts over and over. You can find this powerful interview on my blog ShahTraining. No high powered sales pitch here… you already know what a a great opportunity my workout programs lonax.

W system allows you to quickly create highly-effective, full-body workouts you can perform as independent workouts, edddie build into a full gladjator week training program. The material on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to replace professional, medical recommendations or common sense. In my perspective, athleticism is much more helpful in life that is daily than having big biceps or even a 6 pack.

Instead of performing straight sets and reps, have a goal repetition, and stick to that same exercise until you are able to complete all the repetitions. Intervals Who said intervals are only for cardio. But rather, by sticking to basic calisthenics movements they trained themselves to much better shift their bodies in the heat of a fight while keeping major weapons and shields not to say wearing heavy armor.

Specially when they are put into a comprehensive training program like I provide. The Utterly Nasty Interval Training Workout creates an unbreakable bond between muscular strength, cardiorespiratory endurance and mental toughness by performing alternating intervals owrkout Resistance Training and Energy System Training. The following would be the six applications incorporated in the program: Start off low, such as 5 reps for the first set.

There are more than 27 workouts included, and an infinite amount if you bocy the Build Your Own Workouts you vladiator create! Adaptation to unfamiliar challenges is what keeps your body progressing My workout will then be 4 exercises with 50 repetitions of each exercise.

Having a toned, slim, athletic physique is every man’s dream, yet only very few are able to achieve it.


But let’s learn something that helps you better understand my training philosophy But there is a “best” workout for YOU and your current short term goals. I highly recommend printing off the workbook journal sheets for easy reference and to keep track of your progress. So, returning back to the concept of Intervals, one of the best interval schemes out there is known as Tabata. The second roll will determine how many exercises I perform.

Modern Day Gladiator Workouts

I want to order the Gladiator Body Workout Combo Pack and get instant access to this amazing dumbbell training plans. Each card you draw tells you which exercise to perform, and how many repetitions to perform. It is generally you against the clock inside the race to find out just how long you are able to keep going or, in case you are able to keep going at all. Circuit Training Circuit training is one of the oldest methods in the book, and yet not enough people perform circuit training.

Its goal is to condition every part of the body, so that it becomes fully usable, with more strength and endurance.

Deck of Cards Have a deck of cards lying around? Getting into debates as to what training method, equipment, intensity, etc.

You won’t have to join a Resistance training itself is connected to many benefits which include boosting bone mineral density, improving strength, assisting with daily tasks, reducing body weight, triggering long life, and also strengthening heart condition. About Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer.