EZLN Zapatista ✓ FREE SHIPPING ☆ Activist shirts and ethical clothing coop ☆ We donate to charities and support activist causes. La nueva página electrónica (oficial) del EZLN: La otra campaña: Sobre el intercontinental e internacional. Por Guiomar Rovira Número El levantamiento armado del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) el primero de enero de en el sudeste de.

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Information Technology and World Politics. Add a personal note: Although members claimed that the group had been founded as early as liberxcion, it did not begin to attract followers until the early s. Thank You for Your Contribution! Political decisions are deliberated and decided in community assemblies.

EZLN: Una mirada a su historia. I. El núcleo guerrillero • SubVersiones

Marcos es reconocido como un igual entre los intelectuales de izquierda. Over the years, the group slowly grew, building on social relations among the indigenous base and making use of an organizational infrastructure created by peasant organizations and the Catholic church see Liberation theology.

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Making a strong position against the February 9 actions against Peace, Moctezumadefender of a political solution, submitted his resignation to President Zedillo, but the Zedillo refused to accept it.

In addition to their focus on hacional “a world where many worlds fit”, the Zapatistas continue ejfrcito resist periodic attacks.

Zapatista communities continue to practice horizontal autonomy and mutual aid by building and maintaining their own health, education, and sustainable agro-ecological systems, promoting equitable gender relations via Women’s Revolutionary Law, and building international solidarity through humble outreach and non-imposing political communication.

Le Bot, Ivon, Subcomandante Marcos.

enercito In other projects Wikimedia Commons. ELZN no libeacion ni aspira a la toma del poder estatal. Although the ideology of the EZLN reflects libertarian socialism, paralleling both anarchist and libertarian Marxist thought in many respects, the EZLN has rejected [4] and defied [5] political classification, retaining its distinctiveness due in part to the importance of indigenous Mayan beliefs to the Zapatistas.

Inat the National Indigenous Congress and the EZLN agreed to select a candidate to represent them in the forthcoming Mexican general election. Despite these circumstances, President Zedillo decided to launch a military offensive in an attempt to capture or annihilate the EZLN’s main spokesperson, a figure around which a cult of personality was already forming.


They expected 1, international activists to attend the event, titled the Little School of Liberty. Under the considerable political pressure of a highly radicalized situation, and believing a peaceful solution to be possible, Mexican Secretary of the Interior Lic.

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In the federal legislature approved a revised version of the accords, but the EZLN denounced it. No hay datos exactos sobre la cantidad de extranjeros que han acudido desde hasta la liberracion a las comunidades rebeldes de Chiapas, pero el flujo ha sido constante.

Rebels held ejerckto towns for several days, battling with Mexican troops before withdrawing into the surrounding jungle. The declaration ends with an exhortation for all who have more respect for humanity than for money to join with the Zapatistas in the struggle for social justice both in Mexico and abroad. More presentations by Rodri Orellano La evolucion de las computadoras.

The EZLN stressed that it opted for armed struggle due to the lack of results achieved through peaceful means of protest such nqcional sit-ins and marches. La multidimensionalidad del zapatismo El zapatismo aparece desde interpelando varios niveles de localidad: Although Fox had stated earlier that he could end the conflict “in fifteen minutes”, [21] the EZLN rejected watered-down agreements and created 32 “autonomous municipalities ” in Chiapas, thus partially implementing their demands without government support but with some funding from international organizations.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Since the Zapatistas’ first uprising, the newspaper La Jornada has continuously covered them. Our clothing and organic inks do not use any chemical product and are approved by strict environmental standards. Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Every product you order is an individual item, manufactured by hand for you.

La Jornada: Festejan aniversario de la fundación del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional

Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unlike other Zapatista spokespeople, Marcos is not an indigenous Maya. In accordance with this principle, the Zapatistas are not a political party: Following this offensive, the Zapatista villages were mostly abandoned, and the rebels fled to the mountains after breaking through the Mexican army perimeter.


Su experiencia y su testimonio han servido de multiplicadores de la causa. Meanwhile, the EZLN continued to stage high-profile demonstrations and political programs. When Vicente Foxthe first non-PRI candidate to be elected president in more than 70 years, took office inthe Zapatistas called for his administration to meet their conditions, which included implementing the accords, in order to resume talks.

Present to your audience Start remote presentation. Por un lado, sale a la luz el principal protagonista: With the coming to power of the new government of President Vicente Fox in the first non-PRI president of Mexico in over 70 yearsthe Zapatistas marched on Mexico City to present their case to the Mexican Congress.

Volpi, Jorge, La guerra y las palabras. It also expresses the movement’s sympathy to the international alter-globalization movement and offers to provide material aid to those in CubaBoliviaEcuadorand elsewhere, with whom they make common cause. The uprising spread quickly to other parts of Chiapas, and in the ensuing years insurrections broke out in the nearby states of Guerrero, Veracruz, Puebla, and Oaxaca.

Zapatista National Liberation Army

Meanwhile, the government simultaneously waged a covert war against the rebels. Estas movilizaciones fueron decididas y compartidas en la red nacionao los actores transnacionales.

This declaration reiterates the support for the indigenous peoples, who make up roughly one-third of the population of Chiapas, and extends the cause to include “all the exploited and dispossessed of Mexico”.