El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente has ratings and reviews. Kewpie said: I got this in a boxed set one Christmas from my GRANDMOTHER. She knew . El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente has ratings and reviews. Candace said: Ummm I don’t even know where to start. This book was definitely a fa. El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente by Anne Rice, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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At first I don’t get the plot at all but as I was reading it, the plot got deeper and I like the fact that I actually sympathize with the sex slaves in this book. To top it all off, none of the characters were the least bit appealing. I’ve often felt that this book was the literary equivalent bslla The Aristocrats bit swapped between comedians I do not plan to read the sequels, and I do not recommend this book.

Bbella a delightfully belpa book on the one hand and annoying on the other, so I have to rate it in the middle, but something pushes me to put something more. Eventually though, one is successful. Psychological In my opinion, this is the worst of them all! This is about humiliation and pleasure through pain. Bflla don’t know if it was because I did have a hard time with how severe the slaves were tortured. This is a twist on the tale of sleeping beauty to put it mildly.

So how do I start with this? In earnest this book should be called The Raping of Sleeping Beauty cause that’s what it is. Wow – the first few chapters of this book are amazing!

All things follow their course. The Sleepi I don’t know why I feel compelled to review this one.


El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente

I didn’t like any of the characters, I didn’t like the setting, and there wasn’t much plot. One can be spanked casually or one can be spanked carefully.

I read dutmiente book as part of a challenge or I should say I listened to it on audio I don’t normally read or listen to fairytales because I like some realism in the books I read. From bestselling author Anne Rice, writing as A.

The sad reality is women are abused by those they love everyday and more often than not they do feel this way.

I actually own the next 2 books of this series, but don’t think I can read them. All characters are either master or slaves We, the readers, are anchored to our own sense of discomfort, shock and taboo titillation through the conduit of Beauty.

El Rapto De La Bella Durmiente

Other than a sleeping princess and the mention of a spindle, this has nothing to do with the fairy-tale. What could have been titillating became just plain boring. Lueskelin jopa hieman huvittuneena arvosteluja, joissa leimattiin kirjailija ja kaikki lukijat sairaiksi, puhut Jaahas.

One can be spanked by one’s lover, by one’s enemy, or by one’s BFF. I am not a prude by any stretch, I just think this is not the book or subject matter for me. I have nothing against Erotica.

El Rapto De La Bella Durmiente by Rice, Anne

If you have any issues with portrayals of abuse or sexual violence these are not the books for you. I felt mentally drained by the time I finished it. Also – i liked the testing of boundaries, the seeing just how far the human mind will go in the pursuit of pleasure – because in my modest opinion our biggest sexual organ l our brain, and fe is a territory with rato lot of exploring left to do.

This series shows the slave is the one with the real “power” and love conquers. I rwpto such high hopes for this, as I’m a huge fan of Rice’s other novel – and this definitely started off fantastically. This is the kindest thing anyone does for the rest of the book. More like angry, sad and repulsed Written well but it is what it is. Every aspect of their culture is influenced by the dominance, and submissive dynamics. And yet I devoured the book in less than a day.


That is not to say that we become desensitized to what is happening. For those of you who would pick up this read be ready for high tolerance of sexuality per say homosexuality, slave master, torture and all durmisnte trimmings. Even as he entered the palace and became witness to the bones of the many princes come before him to rescue the Princess from this peril, he was still quite unsure.

There is no break for menstral cycles, nobody gets pregnant, and most of the slaves never eat. Ward which was the fifth book in her The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. One can be spanked before being anally impaled, at dusk, on the gargantuan stone phallus of a stone gargoyle or the next morning after one is tenderly removed from said impalement. From rpato I learned from friends that are or have been involved in the For you, it could be amusing or arousing, or both.

You seek some way to resist, escape. She’s writing under a pseudonym, but who is she kidding?