Buy El ultimo catón by Matilde Asensi (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Con más de tres millones de ejemplares vendidos, El último Catón se ha convertido en la novela más relevante hasta el momento de Matilde Asensi y, sin duda. Las novelas de Matilde Asensi han sido traducidas a quince idiomas. Con la traducción al inglés de El último Catón consiguió en el Premio Internacional.

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Lots of historic facts “hammered” into the story, lots of humoristic attempts that didn’t work for me, all of this in a first person narrative, namely Ottavia, who never convinced me as a character – as well asenwi Farag “too good to be true” Boswell. I thoroughly enjoyed this, even though I hated The Divine Comedy, because of the adventure and give and take between the trio. I loved the premise of this book cqton a mythical order of the Staurofilakes who protect the True cross over the centuries.

It ended like it should. I have absolutely no interest in The Da Vinci Code or any books of asendi sort, but I picked this up for two reasons: We know they will succeed. Jan 27, Vaso rated it it was amazing.

An Ethiopian man is found dead and his body has been scarified. The ending had a nice twist that was followed by a bit of a cliche, but that was fine.

El Ultimo Caton

I can’t explain my lack of enthusiasm towards this book. Salina uncovers the connection between the brotherhood and Dante’s Divine Comedyand races across the globe to Christianity’s ancient capitals.


Las novelas de Matilde Asensi han sido traducidas a quince idiomas. El final me ha gustado, mucho.

The Last Cato (Catón, #1) by Matilde Asensi

This is an intelligent, well-researched book and it was a great deal of fun. El final es simplemente excepcional. Recomendo a quem gosta de thriller religioso! Some tenuous connection then derives to Dante’s Purgatory, and the three are forced to start decoding instructions hidden in the book to find an earthly paradise, where, they suspect, the criminals came from. View all 13 comments. Return to Book Asdnsi.

If perchance you are looking for an excellent plus religious thriller I would highly reccomend The Book of Q by Iltimo Rabb!! No estoy muy convencida con el asunto de la Roca, pero supongo que lo han dejado un poco abierto para poder sacar un segundo libro.

I gave this a three star because of a very weak translation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Oct 19, Paul Pessolano rated it really liked it. There’s a nun What is with the modern obsession with Dante?

Refresh and try again. Other books in the series. Characters don’t so much speak as perorate. I learned a lot about the early Christian Church through this book and so I liked the historical aspect. If they can survive the Staurofilakes’ tests, they will earn entrance into the Earthly Paradise–and hopefully discover the whereabouts of the missing True Cross for the Vatican.

The Last Cato also happens to be an intelligent critique of the Roman Curia as well as a lively This book is a delightful historical fantasy.

First of all this book could not decide what genre it was But I will still recommend this piece to everyone who has an appetite for biblical mysteries, or plain mystery for that matter. She has more than 20 million readers worldwide and has become the reference of quality bests-sellers in Spanish language.


She specializes in ancient manuscripts and research, and therefore she’s stunned when h I have absolutely no interest in The Da Vinci Code or any books of that sort, but I picked this up for two reasons: The story is good, the writing is quite fair, the translation and proofreading are almost flawless.

I am not going to lie though Relics of the True Cross from across the world have been disappearing, and an obscure religious order is suspected of collecting them. Me ha gustado, bastante. For those who aren’t familiar with post Vatican II history, her references are a terrific place to start. Holy relics are disappearing from sacred spots around the world—and the Vatican will do whatever it takes to stop the thieves from stealing what is left of the scattered splinters of the True Cross.

I was a bit turned off when the main character, a nun, falls in love. The Vatican employs a nun, a member of the Swiss Guard, and an archaeologist to find the cross based on the tattoos found on the dead man. I really didn’t like the ending at all – found it too ridiculous and silly and it ruined the book for me. What is with the modern obsession with Dante?