19 Sep Title: Enshadowed. Author: Kelly Creagh. Genre: Horror, Speculative Fiction, Young Adult. Publisher: Atheneum Publication Date: August Enshadowed by Kelly Creagh, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Enshadowed (Nevermore, book 2) by Kelly Creagh – book cover, description, publication history.

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Soon, she finds herself swept up in a realm which not only holds remnants of Poe’s presence, but has also now taken on the characteristics of Varen’s innermost self. It’s like we took a few steps back rather than forward, but … Did I enjoy it? So even though I didn’t enjoy Kelky as much as I was hoping to, I would definitely still recommend it. When Isobel once more encounters Varen, she finds him changed. Sep 19, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Enshadower very apparent when you read her books; she has a really good handle on her craft, and I think her xreagh is just easy to read.

What do you do when something you’ve waited for with such high anticipation and delight just leaves you hollow? I really liked the first book so much so that I jumped right into this one without hesitation. After waiting two years for the chance to keloy get to read part 2, I now get to wait creahh for part 3. This Isobel was awful. In a way I was… because this story is awesomely intriguing and confusing, even though also terribly frustrating.

But we do see that he still has feelings, and as far as I’m concerned it’s clear that he loves Isobel. I kept turning pages furiously inhaling every word and, even in the moments when there was no actual action, my elevated heart-rate made me feel like I was reading the most exhilarating of the books.

The whole mess with Lilith Everything about it and in some ways I love this book even more than Nevermore.

Open Preview See a Problem? It wasn’t what I’d call fast-paced, but it also wasn’t dragged out for ridiculous amounts of time, which I was grateful for. Enshadowed is a suitable sequel with some delightfully creepy moments, but while I was reading it I honestly felt it could have been more. Receiving an ARC was like heaven. Spoilers Isobel is determined to save Varen from the dreamworld, but with no idea as to how to enshadowfd him, Isobel must seek out Reynolds – the only person who seems krlly know anything about the dreamworld.


Ever since losing Varen to the Dreamworld on Halloween, Isobel has grappled with her guilt and enshadowedd heart, and i Originally Reviewed lelly The Book Smugglers It has been an agonizing few months since Varen Nethers has disappeared – the rest of the world thinks that he, a misfit and outsider, has simply run away.

Isobel’s family actually cared about her and were around for her. Make it Jan 19 and that’s the perfect date: Some descriptions just draaagged and I swear like two pages enshadosed Gwen opening a book and flipping to a certain page like omg just cut to the chase, Creagh. She allowed her character to explore the stages of grief and hopelessness and fear. His importance slimmed down to an absolute minimum, and you learn nothing more about his life or how it relates to the little information the author concocted out of this mess.

Isobel is grieving and reliant on her best friend, Gwen who happens to kely my favorite character in the book. Isobel knows she must find a way back to Varen. The things about him she discovered were sad and beautiful and often I found myself with tears in the eyes.

Enshadowed : Kelly Creagh :

Before that is Isobel adjusting to her new life without Varen. The spooky vibe of the story and eerie feeling of the atmosphere makes this an intriguing way creagy delivering the paranormal genre to an audience who isn’t looking for yet another sappy love story. And if you wonder, yes, the image from the beginning of the review describes a scene from the story not a spoiler as I think it can be found at the very beginning.

I really want this book. Enshadowed felt more like one cohesive book, which made me appreciate it that much more.

Bust Varen from Clutches of Evil Demoness. I don’t even want to think about the third book and the ending of it.

In the future, if I ever say a novel suffered from MBS, slap me and direct me to this review, because there is not even one book in the world that suffers from it as much as this one does. That is why I dock this half a star. Unless there’s a legit reason for their orphan status example: Sometimes I wonder why I even ask this question.

I loved just how far she was ready to go for him, it was so true and it was indeed so much more then just love. The pacing was overall satisfying although there were one or two parts that I felt could ahve been cut. If Enshadowed had started out from Isobel reaching Baltimore, as she vowed in the end of Nevermore, and giving us flashbacks, building up the familial relationships that Creagh so obviously found important, perhaps then this would have been a better novel.


See, unlike a lot of others, Isobel has always been one of my favorite characters. It was moving and real and bittersweet.


I hated the way she treated her dad, he’d done everything for her but she decided to punish him and thought badly of him because he didn’t like Varen the first time he saw him.

I want to know what happens to Varen NOW. I feel like despite everything that happened in all pages of this book, we’re jelly to square one.

I love how Ms. The ending just about broke me, unhinged me, and waiting for the next one is going to be torture — but I’ve already decided that waiting for anything that Kelly Creagh writes is well darn worth it! I found myself losing interest a lot, and I couldn’t read much at one time. Her family eyes her with suspicion, her old friends mock her, her new found friend is horrified by the dark and ancient creature Varen awoke and Isobel herself does often not know whether what happens is real or nothing but a dream.

I knew she was one of my favorite characters for a reason. Now, looking back, I can fully admit that the crwagh reason this novel is getting two stars and not one – or zero – is because of Gwen, Isobel’s best friend, Danny, Isobel’s brother, and Isobel’s parents herself.

It was disturbing, it was dark and frightening. The beauty of Enshadowed was that there happened to be an effortless blending of the past and present, of the paranormal and the normal.

The third person is done artfully and it’s easy to feel connected to Isobel, especially since she now has a brain.