ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) is a motherboard configuration specification developed SFX; TFX; WTX; AMD GES; 5 EPS12V ATX also made the PS/2-style mini-DIN keyboard and mouse connectors Power Supply Design Guide, v ยท EPS12V Power Supply Design Guide v Insignia W ATX12V /EPS12V Power Supply: Designed to power select computers; W continuous power; ATX12V /EPS12V Specifications. We’ll answer PSU spec questions of modular vs. non-modular PSUs, EPS12V vv The EPS (Entry-level Power Supply) standard is.

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The added length could have allowed placement of up to eight expansion slots, but the top slot position is vacant on this particular model. Therefore, it is important to match the capacity of a power supply to the power needs of the computer. The laptop then refuse non-matching adapter. The desktop computer epw12v supply changes alternating current from a wall socket to low-voltage direct current to operate the processor and peripheral devices.

Most desktop personal computer power supplies are a square metal box, and have a large bundle of wires emerging from one end. The requirement was withdrawn as a result, however the issue left its mark on PSU designs, which can be categorized into single rail and multiple rail designs.

The long narrow profile of the power supply fits easily into low profile systems. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Unlike a fuse or circuit breakerthese limits reset as soon as the overload is removed. The overall power draw on a PSU is limited by the fact that all of the supply rails come through one transformer and any of its primary side circuitry, like switching components.

Archived from the original PDF on October 21, The Apple IIalso introduced inwas noted for its switched-mode power supplywhich was lighter and smaller than an equivalent linear power supply would have been, and which had no cooling fan. If using an ATX PSU for purposes other than powering an ATX motherboard, power can be fully turned on it is always partly on to operate “wake-up” devices by shorting the “power-on” pin on the ATX connector pin 16, green wire to a black wire groundwhich is what the power button on an ATX system does.


Power supply unit (computer) – Wikipedia

In designs using identical chokes, the pulse width manage the ratio. This is the simple design of a passive PFC. The official ATX specifications were released by Intel in eps1v have been revised numerous times since.

These power supplies were generally not capable of power saving modes such as standby or “soft off”, or scheduled turn-on power controls. Some power supplies sepc a manual switch for selecting input voltage, while others automatically adapt to the mains voltage.

The system power consumption is a sum of the power ratings for all of the components of the computer system that draw on the power supply.

Calvert; University of Denver. For some power supplies the repeated restarting is audible as a quiet rapid chirping or ticking emitted from the device. External power supply could send data about itself power, current and voltage ratings to the computer.

This standard introduced some changes, mostly minor. Retrieved from ” https: The development of high-power and high-voltage transistors at economical prices made it practical to introduce switch mode supplies, that had been used in aerospace, mainframes, minicomputers and color television, into desktop personal computers.

It was thought that in this configuration, cooling of the processor would be achievable without the need of an active heatsink.

In order to supply large amounts of low-voltage power to the Pentium and subsequent microprocessors, a special power supply, the voltage regulator module began to be included on motherboards. A ‘power supply tester’ is a tool used epw12v test the functionality of a computer’s power supply. As transistors become smaller on chips, it becomes preferable to operate them on lower supply voltages, and the lowest supply voltage is often desired by the densest chip, the central processing unit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved February 6, The new design is dubbed “HPTX” and is However, some early model Athlon XP and MP boards including some server boards and later model lower-end motherboards do not have the 4-pin connector as described below.

Power supply unit (computer)

A minimum load on one or more voltages may be required varies by model and vendor ; the standard does not specify operation without a minimum load and a conforming PSU may shut down, output incorrect voltages, or otherwise malfunction, but will not be hazardous or damaged.


In a common variant found in tower cases, spev line-voltage switch was connected to the power supply with a short cable, allowing it to be mounted apart from the power supply. This the unofficial name given to the later revisions of the v2.

Standard ATX provides seven slots at 0. Portable and notebook computers had custom motherboards unique to their particular products. On the back of the computer case, some major changes were made to the AT standard.

Advantages of having an EATX motherboard is dual socket support. For a description of dps12v potential problem, a 3. Any other onboard interfaces such as serial and parallel ports had to be connected via flying leads to connectors which were mounted either on spaces provided by the case or brackets placed in unused expansion slot positions.

For other uses, see ATX disambiguation. Archived from the original PDF on Computing portal Electronics portal. The switched-mode supply uses a ferrite-cored high frequency transformer and sprc transistors that switch thousands of times per second. Due to the always-on design, in the event of a short circuiteither a fuse would blow, or a switched-mode supply would repeatedly cut the power, wait a brief period of time, spwc attempt to restart.

The main issues to consider are the following:.

ATX – Wikipedia

Although a power supply with a larger than needed power rating will have an extra margin of safety against overloading, such a unit is often less efficient and wastes more electricity at lower loads than a more appropriately sized unit. Archived from the original pdf on It has a pin main connector same as ATX12V v2.

Some power supplies have no-overload protection. So the capacity inflation factor’s hit 2. An ATX power supply is typically controlled by an electronic switch connected to the power button on the computer case and allows the computer to be turned off by the operating system. Originally at the time of ATX 2. Obviously, if the group of wires is limited to 20A, so is each wire in it.