Rohinton Mistry’s enthralling novel is at once a domestic drama and an intently observed portrait of present-day Bombay in all its vitality and corruption. Warm, humane, tender and bittersweet are not the words one would expect to describe a novel that portrays a society where the government is. A quarter of the way through Family Matters, Yezad divides the Indian authors who write about Partition into two camps. On the one hand are.

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Crazy- ridiculously – beautiful – this book is Talking about the book, the literary fiction miztry set during the time of Babri Masjid fall and rise of Shiv Sena. The significance of Family Matters comes not from what Mistry has to say on any one topic, but the way each of those topics affects the members of this family.

Rohinton Mistry is considered to be one of the foremost authors of Indian mkstry writing in English. Warm, humane, tender and bittersweet are not the words one would expect to describe a novel that portrays a society where the government is corrupt, the standard of living is barely above poverty level and religious, familt and class divisions poison the community. More specifically, it follows three generations of a Parsi family living in modern Mumbai formerly Bombay.

Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry [A Review] – We Need to Talk About Books

There is also a passage which appears to taking a dig at Salman Rushdie:. The owner’s widow closes down the store and Yezad is out of a job.

When the flute of life suddenly starts belting cantankerous sounds, it is easier to blame the flute maker; the chinks in our playing armour are conveniently swept beneath the carpet. Apr 02, Sharon rated it it was amazing Shelves: When they no longer wanted to take care of him – mostly tired of taking fqmily of his bodily functions.


The events described were very realistic, it is not that I am criticizing. The preposterous stubbornness of arranged marriages, the segregation of religious identities, stigmatism of step-parental aspects and the eternal financial instabilities mesh into a burdensome desperation of graphic cunningness.

It definitely showed the effects and strain on everyone in the family and even when The one thing that is common to all cultures is the difficulties in taking care of our aged parents or other family members. Thank you to Seemita Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Nariman Vakeel is a 79 year old widower forces by circumstances and parents to reject his true love and marry within the Parsi community.

The school life of the two young boys. Maximum City” couldn’t – I could see, smell and feel the mega-city throughout the pages of this both realistic and nostalgic novel.

Though he faces the bitterness of his step-children every day, and his old age brings considerable health problems, Nariman is mostly at peace with his past and remains jovial and optimistic. The book is aptly titled, because all of these events together create a story that is worth reading. View all 3 comments.

Before the accident, Yezad and Nariman had a good relationship. Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. She complains loud and long. I had hoped for a similar leap in performance here.

In other ways, it’s more like Such A Long Journey, with its focus on familial affairs and a relative tunnel vision view of Nariman Vakeel’s family, as opposed to the panoramic bird’s eye that is revealed in A Fine Balance. One man, who has just heard of his brother’s death – killed for a relationship across caste lines – refuses to have the reading fee waived, since it would cheapen the death to hear it for free.


According to a November 3, BBC report: Others who feel they failed themselves begin to live lives of cringing fear, miserly grasping, and shrunken angry personalities.

Observer Review: Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry | Books | The Guardian

Also the repetition of everything throughout mahters is tackled in a smooth way which doesn’t seem forced: Following Coomy’s death, Jal persuades Roxana to move her entire family into the flat in Chateau Felicity with him. All bonds are tested, however; the book examines what happens when the family–repeatedly–is taken to its limit. When he falls into a hole dug famipy the telephone company and breaks his ankle, Jal and Coomy cannot cope with the stress and indignity of nursing him.

The resemblance he creates is nostalgic. The family topics drive the plot and the importance of family provides one of the main underlying themes.

Family Matters Reader’s Guide

Well this was good enough that I remember the book still. And Rohinton Mistry really is one of the finest writers I’ve ever had the privilege of coming across. While I still preferred A Fine Balance of the two stories I’ve read by him it was grander in scalethe more intimate Family Matters is still percent 5-star fare with rich, evocative, Dickensian characters, set against the sprawling, corrupt, bustling backdrop of Bombay-soon-to-be-Mumbai, India.