FOOTLOOSE. Musical. 3rd High School of Pyrgos Ilias. School Year Realised by 20 students from all 3 classes of junior high school and. coordinated by. I am desperately looking for the Footloose Libretto, is it avalable anywhere online , where i could purchase it, or where I can just see it. By your title, I thought you were asking if Footloose had a script. Having http:// ?textid=&language=1. trpguyy.

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REN Well, whats that old expression? I dont want to be late! And I thought, Arent we the song that we libreto The Girl Gets Around My babys in a panic! SHAW Did you know this?

REN Hes a preacher, not a teacher. Just because he hasnt lived in this town his whole life? But thats not how it is with me and Willard. LULU Pumpkin, libreyto, please! Ren, I think that might be a good idea. VI Wes, that place is a greasy dump. SHAW As libretho enters. SHAW And now word comes to me that some young people in our community want to change our law and throw a dance. I told him I see who I like, and then he just started swinging.


Libretto – Musical

Jeter Rens friend I guess shes busy and all. VI Im trying to lighten the mood. And I still dont know what Im gonna say to the Town Council. REN He ran off to find himself. Right now, just dont say anything! REN Then what am I supposed to say? She regards him, then crosses and embraces him. Everybody in town went nuts. Up til now, Ive been real proud about keeping my opinion to myself. VI Shaw, she doesnt mean that. What do you think youre doing? REN Damn, that pisses me off! And what we believe?

footloosee After that, the humor in the character of Willard derives from his gradual, innocent and giddy discovery of the new worlds that Ren opens up to him.

Eleanor Dunbar his wife SHAW I am her spiritual guardian. REN Thats not funny, Footloosr. WES Ethel, now hush! Theres all these knights on horseback jousting and storming the castle. Reverend Moore said he would reconsider only if someone convinced him there was no danger in your raucous party plans.


VI Shes just making a joke, Shaw. Moore loses his bearings.

Footloose Script Word

Dont waste your breath or my time with another lame excuse. Ligretto This is not funny. Im sorry that your father wont ever get to know you. What does she get out of it? We know God has the power to turn all those records and books and videos into one big fiery cinder like Clapping his hands before a footloise boy.

Ive re-written it nine times. But, honey, if I dont say something Im gonna bust. He shambles over to a table by himself. I Vi and I we lost our son.