Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets [Sudhir Venkatesh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times. : Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets ( Audible Audio Edition): Sudhir Venkatesh, Reg Rogers, Stephen J. Dubner. Gang Leader for a Day has ratings and reviews. Petra X said: Sudhir Venkatesh had a problem when researching and writing this book. It was s.

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Sudhir, having grown up middle class, is appalled by the level of neglect in the projects.

And maybe that is the key to joining gangs, all of his feelings, but the price is you have to participate in crime and violence, except if you are a sociologist. This is a book of stories, not information. I was really blown away by his naivety and lack of common sense.

However, he brought up a lot of important issues but made no effort to discuss potential solutions. The only thing you know how to do is hang out with niggers like us. But ssudhir the most part, it seemed that J. The fact was, I didn’t yet have a good grip on how his gang really affected the broader community. What a nice man. He asks questions about cay that matter — what public policies vdnkatesh and should be put into place to help poor African-Americans?

I think Venkatesh really DID capture information that public policy makers could use to aid in urban poverty, but lets be honest, everyone is in on the scams. This book has it all. I would agree with his use of the word rogue to describe himself: Although built as recently asand a place where a curious white kid was welcome for a chat at the Black Panther food distribution point, I was later advised in a ‘garden’ between the red-and-cream blocks to get my ‘white ass in a yellow cab and out of black town’, which I did.

It probably helps that people who wear low-slung pants, hoodies and various other gang symbols in the Caribbean are considered a bit immature, going in for style-and-fashion to an extreme, and no one pays them any mind. Also, Venkatesh made sure to include an example of how he “helped to save a life.


At home with the Black Kings

One person who stood out among all of the rest was Sudhir Venkatesh. Sudhir was naive stupendously so at timesmild-mannered, personable, and adaptable. In fact, my fingers are exhausted from the three times I’ve already typed it. Like weirdly disappointed by. I also became really frustrated about just how naive he was No trivia or quizzes yet.

The gang leader gives him an unprecented look at both life in the gang, and life in the projects for everyone where it is a major struggle to survive. This also seems venlatesh make the writer squirm, which does make me feel better.

Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets by Sudhir Venkatesh

View all 3 comments. Rather than asking survey questions and then breaking down the data using quantitative and statistical techniques safely behind a desk, he immersed himself in this alternate life instead using another method called “ethnography”, or the studying of life by direct observation.

Maybe I went in with unrealistic expectations, but I left feeling hollow and disappointed, like I had just eaten a candy bar when what I really wanted was something salty.

Drive-bys, not so much. Venkatesh’s access enabled him to develop a comprehensive and unique understanding of both the underground economies that sustain the urban poor and the gangs that occupied public housing in the 90s.

He kept insisting, truthfully, that he was a grad student who had come to do research. He was the one who had brought me in, and he was the one who could open — or shut — any door. And after a few years of friendship, J. When he had completed his research he left all of his friends behind – clearly not understanding the bigger picture. It’s a start, but it could go further than that.

The documentary aired on Dy in Sudhir’s persistence pays off when, upon his return to the project, the gang’s leader invites the impressionable young sociologist to write his biography, and he spends the next seven years immersing himself in this underclass.

He learned it was impossible to play both sides and keep everyone on an even keel. The police or venkatrsh leaders. It also struck me that there are lots of things involved in poverty that never occurred to me.


Everything You Need to Know from Gang Leader for a Day

Heard on Weekend Edition Saturday. A really great listen. As a graduate student at the University of Chicago, Venkatesh gained groundbreaking access to the Robert Taylor Homes. But the scenery is politics and most of this occurs with the blessing of the immediate authorities and absence of what emerges as the most powerful gang of all – the police department.

Unwilling to dxy J. Bailey will do whatever it takes to help people survive. Furthermore, although his professors were aware of his research undertaking, Sudhir didn’t disclose to venkattesh just sudhit far he’d incorporated himself with the gang members.

There is so little information about and so many stereotypes within mainstream America about how ghettos function, even though thousands of Americans live in them, that this book is a welcome contribution to poverty literature.

Zuckerberg’s Year of Books in 5 Minutes: What you Really Need to Know About Gang Leader for a Day

But Gang Leader doesn’t do it any peader. The whole rear of the bus was occupied by two obvious gang members in their rap-star clothes and bad-attitude glares.

Venkatesh’s access enabled him to develop a comprehensive and unique vnekatesh Having relied heavily on Venkatesh’s American Project for background on my own college thesis, I had high hopes for Gang Leader.

In a way, the book recalls Mountains Beyond MountainsI had a brief infatuation with the idea of studying medical anthropology. What other choices do you have when housing authorities don’t have the means to help everyone who needs it? It provides just what the back blurb promises: See 2 questions about Gang Leader for a Day….