Gary Zukav’s timeless, humorous, New York Times bestselling masterpiece, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, is arguably the most widely acclaimed. The Dancing. Wu Li Masters. An Overview of the New Physics. Gary Zukav. A BANTAM NEW AGE BOOK. BANTAM BOOKS. NEW YORK • TORONTO • LONDON. The Dancing Wu Li Masters differs quite a bit from The Holographic Universe, but there is also a lot of . In short, Gary Zukav has written a very good book.

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This is the case with all true ideas – so it might be with our vedic and oriental philosophies too. Gary Zukav in several places reiterates that mathematics is not needed to read and understand his book, h I had read this book in the 80s when I was a high school student -it was compulsory reading- and returned to it 30 years later, after it was written 40 years ago, and it concerns mostly about science discussed around years ago.

Its dry and demanding in places, necessarily so. But this book is not supposed to be about art, or love, but about science, and in science we give logical analysis an important role for the very good reason that without it we can’t tell good zkav from bad.

From his completely nonsensical leaps from point to point, to his annoying tendency to follow each mention of “matter” with ” pun?

The other thing that grates is that he thinks the book is very funny. And quantum mechanics certainly does not claim that there is no such thing as objectivity.

An artist may consider and reject a particular idea for inclusion in his work of art, but he does so simply on the basis of his own perception of the work. Quantum logic is just one more tool in the toolbox. The interesting twist to this book is how it relates the process that quantum physicists work and come master with theories to eastern philosophies.

Teh logic is a well-known symbol system precisely because its rules are good rules for understanding classical systems–i. It does a pretty good job of discussing topic related to quantum physics in laymen language.


“The Dancing Wu Li Masters”

This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat The more I read in the realm of new physics, the more I am convinced that all truly fundamental scientific theories tend to follow a life cycle – rejection, ridicule, incredulity, acceptance, dogmatism, degeneration, overthrowal, and finally resurrection.

He thought this kind of thing was “superficial and misleading”, at least with regard to the dsncing of quantum mechanics it presented not being an Eastern mystic, he didn’t presume to say how they felt about it. Frustrating because the mind grasps quicker what can be conveyed through language.

It isn’t as though physicists sat around working with syllogisms in classical logic to predict the behavior of quantum systems.

View all 21 comments. I also loved the fact that every chapter was Chapter One. We are a part of nature, and when we study nature there is no way around the fact that nature is studying itself. What we perceive determines jasters we take to be true.

That’s quite a feat. And that very well may be the exact point of the book, I’m aware. And maybe this is just too much of me getting in the way – after all, part of the title does say it’s just an overview.

It is ironic that while Bohm’s theories are received with some skepticism by most professional physicists, they would find an immediately sympathetic reception among the thousands of people in our culture who have turned their backs on science in their own quest for the ultimate nature of reality.

The bulk of the book is really gsry a primer on quantum mechanics from a non-mathematical perspective.

But, it is not a new age book either, which relinquishes science into the hands of eastern beliefs or religion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This becomes somewhat of a pun as there are many other Chinese characters that could be rendered as “wu li” in atonal pinyinand chapters of the book are each titled with alternative translations of Wu Lisuch as “Nonsense”, “My Way” and “I Clutch My Ideas”. This is explained well. In such a fast-changing field, using information that much out of date, without any disclaimers, is certainly misleading, particularly when it gives a highly inaccurate view of the state of knowledge.


The fact is that most “scientists” are technicians. I can even think of a few friends I can gift this book to!

Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics (Perennial Classics)

He barely mentions quark theory at all, and electroweak theory only wy a brief footnote, where he teh that “recent evidence gives growing credence” to that theory, a considerable understatement in given that it was the very year Weinberg, Salam, and Glashow received the Nobel Prize for it, the experiments which decisively confirmed the theory having been completed in Among other things, it was verified by the experience of the Apollo astronauts on their way to and from the Moon.

Oct 17, Moonwalking rated it liked it Shelves: Gary Zukav in several places reiterates that mathematics is not needed to masrers and understand his book, however, it is not for the ordinary non-mathematics reader either.

His clarity gets weaker as he starts to go into the weirder aspects of quantum mechanics though. But it’s still a good book if approached with a certain diligence. His intro to quantum mechanics is good enough, but that will be covered in more detail later.

The Dancing Wu Li Masters – Wikipedia

Jun 15, Manny rated it it was ok Shelves: I should be clear though, this isn’t a book for scientists. There’s a quote in the book that I will post in my office and spread around my scientific camp, and it’s worth thinking and mulling over.

The Schwarzschild solution to the Einstein field equation was discovered inand the presence in it of what we now call the “event horizon”, from which nothing that once passes inside can escape, was known in the ‘s. Claiming new physics and eastern th perhaps “touch” each other is not a crime for either. I’m halfway through it now and it’s pointing towards a unification of general relativity with quantum mechanics aka quantum gravitation.