Georg Lomer Biography – – Georg Lomer Biography and List of Works – Georg Lomer Georg Lomer Is the author of books such as Seven Hermetic Letters. Seven Hermetic Letters has 11 ratings and 1 review. Nik said: ‘Fun’ read! As for me it would be hard to abstain from meat and sex! The rest is good info. Georg Lomer is the author of Seven Hermetic Letters ( avg rating, 11 ratings, 1 review, published ), Liebe Und Psychose ( avg rating, 0 rating.

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They consider the white man on the whole to be aggressive, although he might not think of himself in these terms. Make two fists and extend your arms forward at shoulder height. The intended process lome transformation is connected to this fact, of which we spoke earlier. The head and the forehead represent the top floor or the attic. Children are represented as jewels, mirror images, photographs.

Georg Lomer – Seven Hermetic Letters – Hermetik International

The more undeveloped your soul is, the more dreams of that nature geog will have. Do not defend yourself or make excuses for yourself. Though this graphological evaluation is a valuable tool to apply to oneself, it is not absolutely necessary.

Sit calmly in front of it in a comfortable chair at a distance gworg 5 feet cm and look at that dot. Should you experience any indignant emotions, stop gathering the peas immediately and wait until you have completely overcome this feeling; then continue to gather.

In a manner of speaking, you are starting the ball rolling.


Students wanted to play a prank on an unpopular janitor. It should take a minimum of 5 seconds. Veorg these letters have an effect on you.

Walk into a hospital room where every patient is afflicted with cholera; if you have the firm conviction that you are immune against this disease, lomeer will be safe. When I look at a piece of art, for instance a painting, I know that the painting did not come into being by itself but was painted by a creative artist. If you have total confidence, your plan will succeed immediately the following day.

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And this purpose requires the enormous energies that are stored in the sexual center. You can begin at any time. Come closer and inspect the single leaves; each is different from the other, each leaf has its own peculiarities. NiikoRin marked it as to-read Feb 12, Should you not have done so, then continue with these exercises until you have achieved your goals.

Does not every watchmaker know his work, and did he not assign a certain role for every wheel in the whole scope of things? In accordance with the part money plays in everyday life, there are an infinite number of symbols for money, even in a dream. It is best to do this in writing.

Georg Lomer (Author of Seven Hermetic Letters)

Should a dream remain incomprehensible to you for the time being, examine it again lomre or the following day. The more your inner development progresses, the more you will discover distinct relationships with your everyday life.

Should you not know a qualified graphologist you can contact the author.

lomrr You will come into possession of a clear and exact knowledge as to where lomet must place special emphasis in regards to your self-development. Place a chair in front of you. This gsorg accepts the order without question and it becomes its dogma; it will obey blindly. Loss of weight represents the opposite. And you did so much for this body! Most of your dreams are in one sense or another wish dreams or dreams of fear or komer.


The more important such a conversation is, the more strictly you must follow this rule. Once you have done so, reverse the entire procedure, beginning with the little finger, until all fingers are in the same position as when you started, and the clenched fist lies before you as it did in the beginning. As soon as you consciously or unconsciously violate the laws of harmony that rule the occurrences in the universe, such as not treating your body properly, committing violations against a group of human beings of which you are part or into which you are integrated, or crimes and so on, you yourself will have to carry the often embarrassing consequences.

Thrust your clenched fists parallel to each other straight forward starting position. Very valuable help develops for this lomeer important task if you obtain an impeccable graphological character analysis of your handwriting.