The last time I was in touch with Gino Casassa, a glaciologist, I was working on a story about the dangers of Glofs in Patagonia and worldwide. Radio-echo sounding of Tyndall Glacier, southern Patagonia. Gino CASASSA. Byrd Polar Research Center and Department of Geological Sciences, The Ohio. Gino is Chilean PhD in Glaciology and Director of the Glaciological Department at the Magellan University in Punta Arenas, Chile. He has been climbing for.

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Gino Casassa

And what about the African continent, where future wars will be about water? The poorest countries are the most damaged ones due global warming.

When it comes to matters of environment regulation, could Chile be a reference for other countries with similar problems? Airborne laser altimetry survey of Glaciar Tyndall, Patagonia more. The enhanced melting of glaciers leads at first to increased run-off and Tino the other hand, we also discovered a few glaciers that are stable.

In future warming scenarios, glacier run-off should start to decrease even in high-altitude basins, hino water availability.

The public sector, with an essential role, has to create a proper regulation to protect the environment, have the support from the government, etc. This is done by digitizing the maps and creating digital terrain models at m resolution.

Contour lines from maps, relief information derived from Landsat TM satellite imagery from and and stereoscopic data from aerial photos were combined in a knowledge-based scheme to obtain a DEM of the area. Volume changes on Pio XI glacier, Patagonia: Most of these glaciers flow into floating ice shelves over bedrock up to hundreds of meters deeper than previous estimates, providing exit routes for casassx from further inland if ice-sheet collapse is under way.

Geodetic determination of relative plate motion and crustal deformation across the Scotia-South America plate boundary in eastern Tierra del Fuego more.


In my opinion, the three of them are. Which one of these sectors is the most difficult audience?

Gino Casassa | Conferencia Encuentros

Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. This discharge is sufficient to raise sea level by more than 0. The run-off increase within these basins is closely related to observed temperature rise, indicating that there is an unequivocal signal of enhanced glacier melting under the caszssa warming trends.

The effect of the volcanoes, for example, is restricted fasassa the cooling of the climate in the Earth in periods of time not longer than two years in the last centuries.

There is only one answer: We are scientists, we are working, supporting, helping creating a regulation based on scientific data, and that affects companies that are related to the environment. Ice elevation and areal changes of glaciers from the Northern Patagonia Icefield, Chile more.

In Octobermore than countries signed an agreement in Rwanda to fight climate change. Climate change came up as a hypothesis and it is now a cxsassa theory.

Remember me on this computer. But the difference between the North and South is that precipitation has decreased down to around Coyhaique, but further south it has increased. This message has been sent to the industrial world and was understood in the COP Overall glacier retreat amounts to 2. When they told me about the prize I was on air campaign in Punta Arenas, and Cawassa was getting off a planeā€¦ Four Chilean researchers were taking part in it, in a team of scientists from around the world that had worked on the fourth assessing report of the IPCC and previous reports.

Shackleton gave up his dream of crossing the Antarctic on foot, and the one who did so was Sir Edmund Hillary inbut with motorized tractors.

Log In Sign Up. Valdivia to host national conference on birdwatching in southern Chile The 4th Patagonia Photo Contest opens for submissions The puma whisperer: Yes, and it is a pity.


Gino Casassa – Aventuras Patagonicas

Scientists glno to share the results of our researches in a transparent and honest way, true to the facts. We have to learn how to use this verb, I mean, taking care of the world without forgetting the most important thing in this life, the human being.

How can we improve this situation? Friday, 09 March The corresponding volume change was 2. Are you encouraged by the way the world – casasda than Donald Trump, of course – is reacting to the climate change threat?

And that would be a total disaster. CasssaAtmospheric sciencesPerturbation Analysishino Annals. Not much, but a little. But we have not been trained in a scientific environment and this is comfortable. Amundsen, the first to sail the North-East crossing, is one of my heroes. Physical GeographyAtmospheric sciencesand Physical. I think a major step was done years ago when both countries declared the ice fields as national parks.

GlaciologyPatagoniaand Surface Area. Most Read Chile’s massive salmon escape raises concern, and questions This week: This new agreement shows that scientists reached the circles of decision-taking and countries see climate change as a serious problem, like politics, health and education. Gino Casassa, glaciologist and expert on climate change: There is no scientific evidence, the hypothesis is not accepted but part of the community is studying it and if casaassa is true, it will come out.

Yes, the so-called ice dynamic effects will casass more important as the ice melts where there already is a lot of water.