Scottish Government () Early Years and Early Intervention: A Joint Scottish. The second describes how practitioners can use the GIRFEC approach and We published the first version of this Guide in and updated it in June Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) is the Scottish Government’s approach to supporting In Highland there were pathfinder projects that launched in September followed by an implementation phase that began in January

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Law Society grfec Scotland. In Scotland what can only be described as a hybrid child welfare approach has emerged. Health for All Children 4.

As Scotland’s administration has developed and matured, it has looked to new policy strategies to tackle Scotland’s socioeconomic issues, gircec based on an aspirational approach.

A Framework for Action.

Carnegie UK Trust; Retrieved 2 September The Fork in the Road: Development and early implementation of this approach took place across Scotland. Yet the turn of events in Scotland has significance beyond its borders; given that Scotland is trying to effect a whole system change, the Scottish experience can offer useful lessons for other jurisdictions considering similar transformational change.

Subsequently, all legislation affecting Scotland passed through the UK Parliament, although Scotland retained its own separate church, education, and judicial systems.


Child Protection Systems in the United Kingdom: Int’l J Child Rts. Accessed August 28, We then critically analyze GIRFEC, exploring its origins, design, and development; central components; associated legislation; and implementation drivers. Early Years and Early Intervention: University of Illinois; Implementation of GIRFEC has included some change management elements, with a programme designed to achieve some consistency around meeting the needs of — and improving outcomes for — all children and young people in Scotland.

Methods This article explores the origins and emergence of GIRFEC and presents a critical analysis of its incremental design, development, and implementation.

Getting it right for every child – Wikipedia

The assertion to the contrary, without any supporting basis, has the appearance of hyperbole. Children and Young People Scotland Act: Ereaut G, Whiting R. Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre; Yet there is scope for interpretation within the legislation and associated guidance.

Law Society of Scotland; Report of the Child Protection Audit and Review48 which highlighted the role of all universal service providers in child protection and the gurfec of information sharing and collaboration.

It incorporates a holistic, ecological approach that takes into account the context of the whole child; the child’s family, community, and environment; and the interactions within and between different aspects of the child’s life.


Scotland is a relatively small country with a population of only 5. This marked a paradigm shift from reactive girrfec preventive services. Stradling B, Alexander B.

Please review our privacy policy. Innocenti Report Card The Named Person is intended to be a clear point of contact if a child, young person or their parents want information or advice, or if they want to talk about any worries and seek support.

Getting it right for every child

This article explores the origins and emergence of GIRFEC and presents a critical analysis of its incremental gitfec, development, and implementation. Consistent high standards of cooperation, joint working, and communication where more than one agency needs to be involved, locally and across Scotland.

Criticism of the Named Person requirement referred to as a ” state guardian ” in some media has been aired in some press, [15] [16] newspaper columns, [17] and by home educators[18] churches, various opposition MSPs and lawyers.